725k in baccarat chips stolen in Vegas

I don’t know the poker player guy who wrote the tweet posted by OP, but ….

There is no indication that these chips were lifted within the casino,
There is an implication that the “Friend” had the chips, as his property, somewhere other than while playong at the casino table.
The casino is not mentioned.
Casino chips are not to be used for any purpose other than gaming, they cannot legally be used to pay a debt or as collateral or for whatever else* folks might want to use them for. (*The Donald once gave chips to his Father as collateral for a loan to one of his failing casinos)

Are 25K Baccarat chips specific for that game ? Anyone have a picture of a $25K chip from that particular casino and game ?

It seems likely that “Friend” had exchanged legitimate value to get possession of the chips., but does that mean some floor person let the chips walk away with Friend from the table ? That should concern AML persons at whatever casino is involved …. if this is a true tale that Friend walked off with them or otherwise lost possession.

No problem with someone tweeting to help a Friend recover lost property. I would not be surprised if “Friend” somehow recovers possession of the subject chips, (a) as they are worthless to anyone else, even if that “anyone” someone accepted them as collateral , leverage or something, (b) Friend is out $750 of value unless he shows up with the chips and has some satisfactory “‘splaing” to do.

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