8 Smart CCTV Camera Features to Fulfill Your Advanced Security Needs

Making a decision to install a CCTV camera in your house is very easy. But choosing the right camera, with right features, based on your security needs can be a bit hard for you. Advanced CCTV cameras claim to offer a lot of options and features, and you will have a lot of choices while deciding to buy CCTV cameras in Pakistan.

Just a few years ago, the features of CCTV cameras that considered advanced are baseline today. This is great because the more advanced and effective features are the better will be the security. Install a home security camera in Pakistan that will help you to prevent and control all criminal activities.

Choosing the best CCTV camera with advanced features is not enough for you. You first have to understand your security needs because different CCTV cameras are suitable for different tasks. This article discusses various advanced features of CCTV cameras that you MUST have in your CCTV camera for better security.

High-Resolution and Wide-Angle Footage

Today, even mobile phones have HD video recording feature. HD or High-resolution means 1080p resolution that should be a feature of your security cameras. Ultra-HD or 4K CCTV cameras are a bit costly, and it is expected to be very common in the near future. The video captured by high-definition cameras is more distinctive and crystal clear, letting you and law enforcement officers to find the evidence and focus on small details if an incident happened. Furthermore, you should go for wide-angle cameras because they allow you to cover a wide area with just one camera, and you may not need to place multiple cameras in a single area.

Night Vision Cameras

 You are better to invest in night-vision cameras, especially if you want to place them in areas with low-light conditions. Most of the people think that the night vision cameras produce green monochrome footage that is not the case with all cameras. Many cameras record videos that look like regular black & white footages. The advanced CCTV cameras use heat-vision or infrared cameras for totally dark places where basic night vision may not work properly. This camera is not recommended for every home but for the commercial spaces, it is better to use this camera.

IP (Internet Protocol)

While choosing a new CCTV camera, you may come across two camera technologies, HD-TVI and IP. Maybe some providers will push HD-TVI technology because it is cheaper and the best technology as far as flexibility and picture quality is a concern is IP. Placing IP CCTV cameras offer a substantial improvement in image quality and compress video footage ability to get quality footage for a long time. IP cameras can also offer more flexibility to choose camera locations, you can link your IP CCTV camera directly to the Wi-Fi for safe remote access instead of connecting with an NVR, this can offer an added flexibility for wide-scale CCTV cameras’ installations.

Cloud Backup and Remote Access

It is crucial to have remote access to the CCTV footage and live feed. Almost all latest security system comes with an app that allows you to control your cameras and watch the live streaming from a distant location. Now you can use your mobile phone to watch the live footage of a CCTV camera, even if you are in another city. You can also deactivate and activate the security cameras remotely. In addition to the ability to have remote access to your cameras, it also offers you control over where and how you can access Home Security Cameras in Pakistan. They are typically combined with other home devices, letting you dim the lights or switch off the AC from the app. Security cameras allow you to save your footage in the cloud, archiving footage and creating backups for further use.

Wireless Technology

The clearer images are of no use if the CCTV camera video can be lost by cutting a cable. It is better to have a CCTV camera that can wirelessly transmit the video without compromising on the quality. Wireless CCTV security cameras and connected camera systems usually come with the control system and remote feed features. You can install the smaller alternatives of these CCTV cameras in cars, ensuing the security to your vehicle.

Automation and Motion Sensors

Another technology that should be a part of advanced security cameras is motion sensors, the motion-activated CCTV cameras are more usual than many people think. The main benefit is that it only records with something happens, like someone passed by or a moving object detected, saving a lot of storage space. You need to so fewer cloud backups and internet data also saved. Many advanced motion detection CCTV cameras also come with movement tracking features. These smart CCTV cameras follow a person in the field of view. The home security cameras Pakistan motion sensors can be used to activate alarms, notifying you to burglars.

 PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

A PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)camera can offer zoom and remote directional capability. Usually, in high-end cameras, PTZ feature is very common, but you can also add this feature to your residential installations. This feature allows you to have a lot of security benefits, for example, you can zoom in your video if an activity is happening without changing the angle of your CCTV camera. PTZ can be used for installing the CCTV cameras at height, to offer more visibility at wide-angle, and they can be used for close inspection of details through the Zoom feature.


Many of you may think the CCTV cameras with speakers are of no use but they can be very beneficial to speak through the door or over an intercom. Inserting a CCTV camera in the front door with a speaker can allow you to talk and see your visitor without any extra intercom system. There are many ways you can use these cameras. You can use these cameras to soothe and calm pets, or monitor the outside of the house when there is a weird noise coming from outside at night.

Final Words!

Recently, we’ve seen the combination of features in most Security cameras for home Pakistan packages. Before choosing your CCTV cameras and service provider for installation, make sure they are providing all the above-mentioned features and also ask installer how these cameras can be effectively used at your place. All of these CCTV camera features would allow you to have better security and protection against criminal and other kinds of misconducts. There are a lot of other CCTV functions that you can choose. You can also consult with your services provider about what kind of CCTV security features would be best for you, based on your security needs.


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