'90 Day Fiance': Asuelu Unbothered by Disease – Paul's Still an Idiot

90 Day Fiance: Syngin Colchester- Tania Maduro - Happily Ever After

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Asuelu Pulaa‘s willing to risk his kids getting sick but Paul Staehle‘s frantic over his son at risk. Meanwhile, Larissa’s blind date didn’t get off the ground. Paul Staehle and Karine arrive in the states, but it’s not a warm welcome for Paul from mom Mary. And Syngin drowns his sorrows after a job interview. So, grab a cold one and, let’s get to the bottom of season 5, episode 3 Seeds of Discontent. You can watch HEA Sunday nights at 8 PM on TLC.

Asuelu Pulaa Unbothered by Measles Outbreak On 90 Day Fiance

Asuelu Pulaa rings his sister in Samoa. Asuelu’s planning a trip there with wife Kalani Faagata and their two young sons. But, Asuelu’s sister just wants him to show her the money. As in send it to her. She shames Asuelu Pulaa for not sending cash. And, she tells Asuelu there’s a measles outbreak there. It mostly affects children, and some died.

Wife Kalani picks Asuelu up after work on Happily Ever After. Later, over avocado toast and a mocha, on 90 Day Fiance, Asuelu drops the measles bomb. Kalani rightly points out it could be dangerous for the kids, especially the youngest, who’s not vaccinated. Asuelu Pulaa suggests they find out if he could get vaccinated early, so they can still go.

They head to a clinic and speak with a female doctor. 90 Day Fiance’s Asuelu Pulaa’s confused because he thought only boys could be doctors. She-doc explains their youngest can get the vaccination early, but it’s still a risk. Kalani wants to delay the trip til it’s safer. Asuelu suggests they’d be safe at a hotel. He thinks Kalani needs to ease up, yet it’s obvious Asuelu Pulaa doesn’t have a clue.

Paul Staehle’s Mom Calls Him An Idiot

Paul Staehle and young wife Karine Martin finally arrive in America with baby Pierre on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Paul’s mom Edna picks them up and is happy to see her grandbaby. Paul Staehle can’t control his regular (or emotional) baggage. Mom warns him, but he won’t listen. Of course, the TLC crew won’t help. How many of Paul’s bags are full of Karine’s stuffed animals? Mother Paul rolls her eyes as he persists.

On the drive on 90 Day Fiance, Karine takes Pierre out of the car seat to nurse him. And just like that, Paul Staehle goes bat crap crazy, raging. So, Paul wants his mom to pull over, but she tells him to hush. It’s a replay of Kalani raging at Asuelu minus the Cheetohs. Paul Staehle nags his mom into stopping, then gets out of the car. Edna calls him an idiot (more than once) and tells Karine that he is dramatic.

Karine tries to make the best of being in America on 90 Day Fiance HEA. But, she’s a little shocked Paul Staehle’s parents aren’t more supportive. Edna says she can’t let Paul Staehle move in, or he’d rely on her for everything and never leave. Paul admits it’s his responsibility to provide for them. So, Paul Staehle says he’ll get a job soon.

Angela Lawyers Up on 90 Day Fiance HEA

Angela Deem’s in a pickle. She’s determined to marry Michael Ilesanmi in Nigeria. But, she needs a witness from the United States. She asked her daughter Skyla Deem, but she has demands. So, Angie pays a visit to her trusty lawyer Lou. She wants to make sure if anything happens to her, the grandkids will get her stuff. But, Ang doesn’t want to cut out Michael completely. So she’ll split the Deem estate 50/50.

She also finds Michael’s 90 Day Fiance K-1 visa application made it to the US after a recommended denial. If Michael has any skeletons in his closet, it could be a definite no. Angie doesn’t want to wait. But Skyla tells her she just can’t be a part of it. A facetime call with Michael doesn’t sway her either. So, Angie’s back at square one to try and figure out how to make this marriage happen on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

Colt Johnson Busts A Move In Chicago

On the 90 Day Fiance spinoff, Colt’s time in the windy city is winding down. He and new Brazilian squeeze Jess Caroline frolic in a park. And Colt does some sort of wonky dance move that will be forever burned into the retinas of unsuspecting viewers of HEA. Colt and Jess are already dropping “I love you’s”. But Jess’s visa expires soon. She hints she could get another one. Maybe a student visa or a K-1?

Coltee must have a flashback at this point to his last 90 Day Fiance K-1 conundrum. But Jess also asks if he’d like to go to Brazil to meet her family. Colt is all in. But he still hasn’t told mother Debbie Johnson about his new lady. So, he probably shouldn’t dust off that passport just yet. After he returns to Vegas, Jess grabs drinks with friends who tell her they don’t care for Colt. Wait till they see him dance.

Larissa’s Blind Date Ghosts Her After Criminal Record Reveal on 90 Day Fiance

Larissa Dos Santos meets with blind date Matt, who throws Scott Disick vibes. She’s impressed with his knowledge of food and wine. He even splurges on caviar at an elegant restaurant. It’s a nice change from Debbie’s beef stew by the slot machine. Matt asks some questions about her life. She admits she has kids in Brazil and you can see his interest wane a little bit.

But the final nail in the coffin of this 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After date came when she blabbed about her three arrests. Oh and pointed out she’s still looking for that green card. No caviar and cabernet could wash the bad taste out of this dude’s mouth after hearing this. Larissa realizes a second date probably won’t happen. He politely gets her an Uber and hightails it out.

Next, 90 Day Fiance brings is Lari at a spa for some “muscle sculpting” which consists of her getting jolts from electrodes, which she likens to being executed. She guzzles champagne and making sexual noises while they vibrate. Then, she tells the executioner that she saw Coltee with his new bae online. So, she plans to call the girl and warn her about the dangers of coming between a man and his mother.

Libby Goes Wedding Dress Shopping

On Happily Ever After, Elizabeth Potthast hit up her dad to foot the bill for a second wedding to hubby Andrei Castravet in Moldova. A smug and unemployed 90 Day Fiance Andrei calls his parents to gloat about the upcoming nuptials. He asks them to arrange the venue and food. He also says they’ll be coming to stay with them for three weeks. That’s news to Libby — and not of the good variety.

Later, Libby goes dress shopping with her gaggle of sisters, SIL, and mother. She explains she needs a conservative long sleeve dress to respect Moldovan culture. Cue rude comments on 90 Day Fiance from her mom and sisters about the other country. Libby’s mom says it isn’t fair she can’t hang her boobs out at the wedding. I mean she’s American. Don’t terrorize me with your modesty. Libby finally falls in love with a lacy LS number and says it’s a dream come true.

Of course, this cues one sister to cry about An-drayyy keeping her away. No doubt, he doesn’t want the cast of Putting Up With The Potthasts in his country – just Chuck’s money. Sister Jen reprimands Libby saying she’s “hurting feelings” on 90 Day Fiance. Then the SIL starts also crying to prove she is a real Potthast who loves torturing Libby as much as the others. In the end, Libby gets the dress along with a shawl to cover her cleavage on Happily Ever After.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin Colchester- Tania Maduro - Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance: Syngin Colchester- Tania Maduro - Happily Ever After

Syngin Slings Brews After Bartender Interview on 90 Day Fiance Spinoff

Syngin Colchester gets ready for his first interview in the states. He applies for a bartender gig at an Irish pub. Now, Tania Maduro’s still healing from a serious foot injury in a car accident. So, she isn’t working either despite having her witch doctor degree. Syngin goes into the interview and at first, it seems like he’d be a natural to sling whiskey to the locals. Then, he babbles about his hit-and-miss job history.

Meanwhile, on 90 Day Fiance, Tania follows up with her doc who tells her she’ll need to be off her feet for months. Plus, she might get arthritis. Back at the Harp and Hound, the owner wants Syngin to pour a Guinness. Being Syngin is from South Africa, where it’s not a thing, he fails to impress. So he doesn’t get an offer but gets to keep the botched beer.

So, he decides to stick around for another and take a shot. He comes home to disgruntled Tania, who says she’ll have arthritis shortly so Syngin needs to lay off the booze. His response on 90 Day Fiance is to burp and scream that people don’t get arthritis until they’re 50. And if she’s a good witch doctor, she can cure it herself right? Maybe Syngin should’ve stayed at the bar.

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