All-Timer Heartbreaker

white concrete building under blue sky during daytime

I am not very good at this game. I don’t play online much. I mostly grind the player programs and play against the CPU on all-star. The games against all-time division teams on HOF have been tough but a nice change of pace.

Thanks to the people who suggested drag bunting and stealing, I went up 1-0 on the AL East team in the first inning. They tied it up in the 3rd when El Duque came around to score on a sac fly. (Dude somehow ripped a high Paxton fastball for a leadoff single.) I gave up the lead on a dinger in the 5th.

Top 6. HRD Alonso hits a pinch-hit, perfect-perfect double off Britton to start the inning, just my second non-bunt hit of the game. I then successfully drag bunt with Lofton to put runners on 1st and 3rd. Jackie draws a walk to load the bases with no one out. I then strike out with Reggie and Bellinger, leaving it up to monthly awards Gary and his low-40s contact. I get a low sinker and rip it down the left field line towards the upper deck. Cue the fair-foul home run animation. Gary tries to wave it fair…but it goes foul. Struck out two pitches later. 🙁 I’m so sad.

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