All You Need to Know Before Playing Roulette Online

All You Need to Know Before Playing Roulette Online

Gambling is a much-loved sport and the means of entertainment of many people in India. Other than rummy and the various card games, roulette is one of the much-played casino games in the sub-continent as well.

If you’re someone who cannot visit Goa or Monaco, every now and then, to enjoy your source of entertainment, the Internet has got just the solution you need!

Roulette has had advancement and growth on the Internet and is available on various websites for your entertainment. However, playing it online in India can be a tricky thing due to legal aspects and regulations associated with it.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here is a guide to help you play roulette online in India in the best way possible.

Where to Play Live Online Roulette for Money?

You can get started playing roulette with real money by signing up to any online casino website. Most websites will gift you some bonus cash as part of signing up reward and help you get started before you put in your own money.

However, there are a few things you must check before signing up to an online casino.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
  • Currency they Accept
  • Wagering Requirements
  • Mandatory Background Check of the Website

Corrupt Casinos

While you can have great fun playing on online casinos, there is always a chance of you landing in a scammer’s web as well. You might spot numerous odd variations of casinos on these websites that you may not find any other websites.

You might also face issues when you switch to your mobile device. This is a common sign of a fraud website.

If you continue to play on such a website, you can be sure that someone has tampered with the roulette wheel or modified the software. In simple words, NOT TRUSTWORTHY!

Is it Legal Play Online Roulette in India?

Gambling might be the love of numerous Indians during their leisure period. However, rules and regulations don’t really make it easy to play roulette online in the country.

While there is an actual ban on gambling in Maharashtra, other states like Goa and Sikkim are home to legal casinos as well. Other than that, the Indian government takes 30% of the gambling profit made by websites too.

It would be wise to go for a casino that is licensed out of India and, thus, internationally recognized. This also means that your money is in safe hands.

However, roulette is hugely dependent on lady luck. So, make sure you know the game before betting on it!


Roulette is basically someone guessing out which number will be the winner at the end. First, you place your bet. The bet can be placed on one or more numbers in any random order, while the numbers can be of different colours as well.

At the time of ‘call rate’, you need to define your group in a row. This must be the same as the one on the wheel.

It’s best to go through the various roulette rules before starting to play online.

A Few Strategies

While you may know the game, you always need the tips and tricks. The most important trick is to go easy and not polarize your game. Here are a few things you must completely refrain yourself from doing:

  • Never trust anyone’s betting system
  • Know all the game variations
  • It’s wise to not play when you’re drunk
  • Never bet too much and keep a record of your finances.

Online casinos might not be the most easily available entertainment sources in India, however, there are still numerous options available for your service.

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