Bartlow's Dread Machine Will Be Launching On Steam and Xbox One Soon

Another fan-favorite game made its way to Steam on popular demand. Publisher and developer Tribetoy, along with Beep Games has made an important announcement on their title Bartlow’s Dread Machine recently.

The title Bartlow’s Dread Machine heads to Steam Early Access this July. Other than Steam, the game will also be available on Xbox in Fall this year.

The 1-2 player game has the protagonists, government agents, working on their missions in New York, San Francisco, and the Great Plains. Their mission is to rescue President Roosevelt from the clutch of the kidnappers led by the forces of evil. The assignment looks simple enough but is laden with sinister twists.

The movement of the players is limited and matches the pace of a puppet show due to the gameplay running on rails. The sets are opulent with a surreal vibe being made out of tin and wood, as the story unravels itself in real-time.

Gamers can unlock up to eight characters equipped with different outfits for the agents and a total number of 52 guns. They are also provided to explore six worlds with pre-existent monsters and characters from history.

The events of the game unfold in an electric era with futuristic transports like electronic trains, ships, and automobiles.

The Co-Founder and Director of Design of Tribetoy, Matthew Hoseterey stated that Bartlow’s Dread Machine is built in the image of early 20th-century arcade games which will enable fans to reminisce of the time of the old slot machines. He also says that though antiquated, the rustic charm of those old-timey machines has been out of fashion for some time. Bartlow’s Dread Machine will be bringing back the look and feel of them, with a mix of modern sensibilities like twin-stick shooter controls and a bevvy of weapon upgrades. He hopes that the fans will love it.

Established in 2008, Teibetoy has launched many famous titles like Chu’s Dynasty and Bow to Blood before the release of Bartlow’s Dread Machine. And Beep Games, which was founded in 2003 by industry veteran Clayton Kauzlaric, released Voodoo Vince and Scurvy Scallywags previously.

Before the game is released to the public, the players can wishlist it on Steam now for faster access. The developers will soon be releasing more updates regarding the Early Access on their game page this summer.

Bartlow’s Dread Machine will be made public on Steam Early Access in July, followed by its launch on Xbox One.

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