Betsson Choose Push Technology For Real Time Betting

Betsson Choose Push Technology For Real Time Betting

Betsson Group has chosen California-based data streaming and messaging firm Push Technology to provide real-time betting odds via its real-time Diffusion API management platform. The programme will be rolled out across several regional areas, across a wide variety of sporting activities.

The implementation offers network efficiencies for Betsson, and reduces infrastructure costs while simplifying the creation of sportsbook applications.

Fredrik Ogden, Betsson Group ‘s Director of Cloud and DevOps, explained the reasoning behind selecting the approach for the Silicon Valley business, saying:

“Diffusion gives us the real-time data delivery capability we require to successfully compete globally. Diffusion’s data efficiency and delta streaming technology allow us to update our sportsbook in real-time to a high volume of customers worldwide. The platform can also be used to enhance future operations.”

He continued: “With Diffusion, we have the agility to commission the infrastructure necessary to expand our own branded products and to provide our technology platform to other brands.”

Push Technology CEO Sean Bowen said: “We are seeing escalating demand for scalable, future-proof, data delivery solutions. Development teams are looking for platforms that can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver data from their back-end systems to a constantly proliferating array of end-user applications, in real time. To achieve this there is an increasing requirement for platform intelligence, which is what we provide.”

Push and Betsson have also worked together on future expansion strategies, including developing a business model that makes it easy for the Betsson Group to calculate, plan, and track its system costs. This simplifies operations and expansion planning, as their business on cloud platforms continues to scale globally.

Fabio Palusci, Head of Procurement at the Betsson Group, concluded: “Push Technology has a business-friendly approach that accommodates our scalable cloud platforms and allows us to provide an immersive and highly competitive gaming experience to our customers around the world.”

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