Brazilians Dominating the Race For the GGMasters POY



We’re halfway through the year and the leaderboard for the GGMasters Player of the Year race now has some structure to it. It’s the same name at the top of the standings, that of Ricardo “[email protected]” Nascimento, but the Brazilian faces some serious heat from the chasing pack.

It appears being from Brazil gives you an advantage in the race for the $500,000 GGPoker sponsorship package because six of the current top 20 players hail from the land of samba. The aforementioned Nascimento is still the man to catch but his 1,903.80 points tally is 213.22 more than Canada’s “Luka Donkbet” in second-place.

That is quite the lead because it equates to a 10th place finish based on the recent number of entrants into the weekly $500,000 guaranteed freezeout event.

The top 10 finishers on the leaderboard walk away with fantastic prizes. Second-place through 10th all secure tickets to each and every GGMasters tournament taking place in 2021. At the current buy-in, each prize is worth $7,800.

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Everyone wants to top the leaderboard, however, because the winner receives a sponsorship package from GGPoker that’s valued at up to $500,000. Anyone who has hopes and dreams of becoming a professional poker will see those dreams realised if they earn the most points this year.

Points are awarded based on your finishing position in the weekly GGMasters tournament. You receive some points if you bust on the bubble but you must otherwise reach the money places. More points are dished out for navigating your way to the final table, with even more points coming your way if you become that week’s GGMasters champion.

The formula for GGMasters Leaderboard points is as follows: f * sqrt(Prize pool / k)

  • k is the place of finish
  • f=2.0 (1st place)
  • f=1.5 (Final table)
  • f=1.0 (In the money)
  • f=0.5 (Bubble)

The number of places considered to be the bubble changes depending on the number of entrants. For example, with 3,800 entries, places 504-509th are the bubble. With 4,000 entries it is 504-510th

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Current GGMaster Leaderboard (June 30, 2020)

Place Player Country Points
1 Ricardo “[email protected]” Nascimento Brazil 1903.80
2 Luka Donkbet Canada 1690.58
3 Interlace Turkey 1640.97
4 gokchinees! China 1533.83
5 StrongMentality Brazil 1520.76
6 Vladiator13 Lithuania 1510.89
7 BadReligion Brazil 1506.53
8 Vinicius “BleyBley” Perri Brazil 1484.36
9 DaleRose Canada 1474.37
10 Ryan “getplunted” Plant Ecuador 1454.16
11 Kuzya9292 Canada 1447.55
12 Stajmak1986 Germany 1426.65
13 mike4444 Canada 1417.94
14 Gogac1 Switzerland 1409.48
15 DaniLeigh Moldova1397.43  
16 mrbradleyy United Kingdom1350.34  
17 oldzet Mexico 1336.17
18 exotico Brazil 1329.68
19 BabaSchlumpf Austria 1279.24
20 XAMA Brazil 1275.79

Last Week’s Champion Goes Straight In At 14th

Switzerland’s “Gogac1” won the final June GGMasters tournament and the points earned place them 14th in the overall standings. The Swiss grinder came out on top of a 3,367-strong field to turn their $150 into a cool $71,947. They defeated Canada’s “TeuCu” heads-up for the title, leaving the Canadian to bank $50,874.

Gogac1 took advantage of the free staking software that’s built into the GGPoker client. They were prepared to sell up to 80% of their action at a 1.29 markup, but managed to sell 25%. All 25% went to “Freddyf86” who shared the glory with Gogac1. Freddyf86’s investment in the eventual champion netted them $17,986 all for only $48.38. Staking is great when the person you’re backing takes down their tournament!

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