Comp Points: How Comp Points Work at a Casino

Comp money and tier
credits are some of the most commonly overlooked ways of earning dollars at a
casino. These are reward programs that anybody can use to unlock everything
from slots dollars, dining credits, comped rooms, flights, free parking, and
more. While it’s true that for most casinos, reward programs are used as a way
to get new gamblers into a casino, if you know how to, it is quite possible to
exploit these programs to get a lot out of your casino experience.

Learn to Play Smart
at a Casino

Think of when you
first enter a casino – it doesn’t matter if it’s MGM, Ceaser’s Palace, or your
preferred local establishment – they will most certainly have some sort of kiosk
built right at the entrance where members hand in a player’s club membership
card or something similar. This is essentially a way for these establishments
to offer reward programs to their loyal customers, and every type of casino,
even online platforms, have a type of reward system that you can take advantage

Of course,
sometimes to get these rewards you must first spend some money signing up,
playing games, and eventually, obtain a card. But it’s not always so
complicated, many casinos will allow you to
sign up for a player’s card right away, and in this case, you can start earning
and using comp dollars. There are a variety of methods that you can use to
accrue your comp dollars, and depending on which method used, you may earn
points faster or slower. Were going to look at a few of the ways you can get a
high number of points to maximize comp dollars in your next casino visit.

How To Earn
Ridiculous Reward Points & Comp

Want to know the
most basic way to earn reward points and gain more comps; just start gambling
at the casino. Each time you sit down for a game, use your player’s card to
maximize your rewards; even if you have to constantly hand your card over to
the pit boss. When using slots, insert the card into the machine, and basically
make sure the casino has a full record of how much money you’ve wagered on
table games, slots, video poker, and so on. This way, you will set yourself up
for getting the highest number of rewards, by having the casino give back
points in proportion to your spending.

We should also
mention that slot machines sometimes fail to read your card, so check again
that the card is inserted properly, and that the machine can read it. If the
card is not properly inserted, a red light should blink somewhere on the

Comp dollars and tier points will be gradually accrued as you go about playing your video poker or slots games, and specifically depending on how much money you play with when wagering against the machines. Don’t fall for the idea that casinos will reward you comp dollars based on how much money you lose when playing – this is not how they operate. It also doesn’t matter how much time you spend playing, so just keep track of your spending when playing slots, and not anything else.

A lot of casino
machines are equipped with a small display or monitor that shows you when
you’re about to get additional point(s) that you can use for play or where
applicable, extract as reward. This countdown varies and is constantly going up
and down with every hand you play; but at its core, this system will be
influenced by how much money you wager in your games. Watch as the countdown
reaches 0, after which it should restart, and it also means you earned some

This system
continues for as long as you continue wagering, and it should be your area of
interest when trying to get a lot of comp dollars or maximize your points. Keep
in mind that the most commonly played electronic machines are slots, blackjack,
video poker, video roulette, plus a few other common games that you will find.

Your First Casino

Your first day’s
total spending at a casino will mean a lot for how much you can collect in
terms of comp dollars or any other kind of reward. Casinos are constantly
eyeing the action from new players, and they are quick to offer promotions and
discounts for players who show a tendency to spend money. It’s just one of the
ways they use to make gamblers come back. Some casinos, like Cesar’s Palace in
Las Vegas will offer new players as much as a 3x return on their tier credits.

When signing up for
a player’s card, it is important that you plan to spend more time at a casino,
and not just a few minutes of play. As a matter of fact, consider waiting until
you have played a full day to sign up for the card, because that way, the
casino will give you back a considerable amount of comp dollars and tier
points. Good luck!

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