Coronavirus Explodes After Vegas Reopen

Fears that Coronavirus would run ramped after a Las Vegas reopen seem to have been warranted and the state of Nevada has now experienced their largest one day jump in new infections. There were 379 new cases of the virus in the state, and 342 of those cases were from Clark County where Vegas is located.

The virus is known to have an incubation period of approximately two weeks, and this new surge in cases hit almost exactly two weeks since the June 4th reopening of Sin City. Nevada now joins a growing list of states setting single-day records for new Coronavirus cases, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas.

“We’re not in a post-COVID time,” Nevada Governor Sisolak said while addressing residents on Monday evening. “Now is not the time to abandon these protective measures. It is the time to double down on them. We can only stay open if we stay safe.” You can read more about the infection rate surrounding the Vegas reopen at Forbes.

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