Covid: Time for local solutions – please!

We’ve been in pandemic mode for months now. Hospitalizations in the Bay Area went over the 700 mark for the first time this week.

Can some of our biggest stores and some of our tech talent please get together and come up with a reservation system that allows people to go shopping LESS OFTEN? Those of us who buy in bulk to save money find we have to go to Costco more frequently and buy less each time, and it’s worse because of shortages anyway. Please for the sake of reducing community spread, could someone come up with a reservation system so people can go less frequently and reserve what they’re going to buy (that they know of) ahead of time, so the store knows what to have on hand? And if the store is likely to be out, the reservation system can move people to a higher priority for another shopping day?

The local Costcos had numerous workers test positive for Covid for heavens sake. Can those who are in leadership/local tech please come up with a solution that would let people shop more effectively AND less frequently?

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