Crazy Time Just Dropped Three Weeks Early at LeoVegas!

Crazy Time Evolution Gaming Review
Crazy Time Evolution Gaming ReviewCrazy Time Evolution Gaming Review

The craziest, most fun game has landed at LeoVegas!

Drop everything – your new favourite game is here!

Remember when I got all hyped up about the 12 new Evolution Gaming releases in 2020?

Well, Crazy Time, the most anticipated game of 2020 has just dropped at a select few gambling sites three weeks before it’s official launch on the 1st of July.

Playing this amusement park theme casino game will catapult you out of your sofa and into the grounds of an Essel World-esque set.

And you can try it out now at LeoVegas. Other casinos in India will just have to wait!

The ‘King of Casino’ is even having a three-week-long promotion to celebrate.

Before that, it might be worth finding out how to play and what strategies work best for this FUN-tastic game.

I’m going to give you the insider information that you’ve been searching for.

So how does it work?

First, a bit of navigational information will help you understand what the hell is actually going on.

To begin with, you’re gonna see the main event – a huge Crazy Time wheel.

The wheel has 54 segments and it’s spun manually by a live presenter each round, alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Above the wheel, you’ll see a digital screen which shows the first possible multiplier and bet. This is regularly referred to throughout the game as the ‘Top Slot’.

The bottom right-hand corner shows you the outcome of the last 21 spins.

To participate and win, you’ll need to place a bet and you’ll find those in the lower centre of the screen, directly under the wheel.

There are 8 bets, consisting of 4 numbers and 4 bonus rounds.

Crazy Time Bet Selection Evolution Gaming

Crazy Time Bet Selection Evolution Gaming

Here’s a rundown of the important information for each bet.

Name of the bet Maximum deposit per round Payout Amount of segments on the wheel Chance of landing on this segment
1 500,000 Rs 1:1 21 38%
2 400,000 Rs 2:1 13 24%
5 300,000 Rs 5:1 7 13%
10 200,000 Rs 10:1 4 18%
Coin Flip Bonus Game 100,000 Rs Up to 50,000,000 Rs 4 18%
Cash Hunt Bonus Game 50,000 Rs Up to 50,000,000 Rs 2 4%
Pachinko Bonus Game 50,000 Rs Up to 50,000,000 Rs 2 4%
Crazy Time Bonus Game 25,000 Rs Up to 50,000,000 Rs 1 1%

The minimum deposit required to place any bet is only 10 Rupees so it’s a great game for both experienced and new players alike.

Crazy-cool bonus rounds

Evolution Gaming is constantly churning out new game concepts with quirky bonus rounds.

However, Crazy Time is unique to their catalogue of game-show style live casino games because it has not 1 but 4 extra bonus rounds.

And they each have their own dedicated set in the studio.

Curious how they work? Say no more, I’ve covered each one in detail below.

Coin Flip

This game is based off ‘heads or tails’ – a game where you choose either the top or the bottom of a coin, flip it and see the outcome.

Evolution’s Coin Flip starts with two random multipliers displayed on a screen.

Each multiplier is displayed as either a red or blue coin shape.

A physical chip is produced at the front of the screen with blue and red at either side. The dealer places the chip in a mechanical flipper.

Whichever side the coin lands facing up – this is the multiplier you will get.

Apparently there is another feature here when you activate a ‘Rescue Flip’ after a series of low rounds on the Coin Flip game.

It gives you the chance to try the flip again in hopes of getting a higher multiplier.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

Coin Flip Bonus Game

Cash Hunt

Remember those games at amusement parks where you shoot at cans to win fluffy toys?

Cash Hunt is the online casino version of that.

Upon activating this bonus round you will be taken to a side set.

A large screen full of multipliers up to 100x will display briefly, and then they will turn into random symbols.

You get to choose where you think a multiplier is hidden from a choice of 108 random symbols.

I like that this bonus round has an RNG cannon that you use to aim and choose your target.

It makes the whole experience feel more immersive and engaging.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

Cash Hunt Bonus Game


Pachinko is originally a hugely-popular Japanese game concept whereby small steel balls are dropped down an electronic pinball-style machine.

Evolution Gaming’s take on this is very similar.

Upon activating the Pachinko bonus game, you’ll move on to a side stage setup which looks like a big purple screen.

The live dealer will randomly drop a physical ball which trickles down through separators and eventually lands on 1 of 16 multipliers.

If the ball lands on ‘Double’, all multipliers will be doubled and the ball will be rolled again until a multiplier is decided.

The multipliers can be doubled many times.

In fact, if you continue to land on double, you can reach up to 10,000x multiplier.

Pachinko Bonus Game

Pachinko Bonus Game

Crazy Time bonus game

This is the most exciting and profitable bonus round.

After landing on the single glitzy red Crazy Time segment, the presenter goes through a big red door to an RNG animated studio.

At the top of this ginormous wheel, you’ll see three arrows in different colours. You’ll then be prompted to choose one.

According to the segment that your stopper lands on, you’ll win a multiplier which is applied to your original bet.

The live dealer presses a big red button to spin the wheel.

If any three of these stoppers land on ‘double’ or ‘triple’ all the multipliers on the wheel will be doubled.

If it’s your stopper, you’ll get to go again but the multiplier will all be doubled or tripled.

This bonus game can give out a maximum of a 20,000x multiplier.

The Red Door Crazy Time

The Red Door Crazy Time

How do I play this game?

Now that you know the main aspects of the game, how do you actually play it?

Head on over to LeoVegas and login to your account. 

Remember that Crazy Time is exclusively at LeoVegas for 3 weeks! If you don’t have an account yet, click the link below to create one instantly. Once you’re in, choose ‘Crazy Time Live’ from the games selection.

Choose and place your bet.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see 8 different bets to choose from. Place your chips on the bets you want to make. You can choose to place any amount of bets at any time.

The Top Slot multiplier is set.

After bets are placed, the screen above the wheel displays one of the eight segment choices and a multiplier. The live dealer then spins the wheel. If the wheel lands on the segment displayed on the Top Slot, the multiplier is applied if you choose that bet.

Sit back and enjoy the outcome of a single spin.

Once the wheel comes to halt, one of the 8 possible numbers or bonus rounds is chosen.

If the wheel stops on a number, the winnings from that round are paid out. If it stops on a bonus round, the bonus game is played before the winnings will be paid out.

My personal top tip for playing Crazy Time

The game itself is highly volatile.

The RTP ranges from about 96% for segment 1 payouts and goes as low as 94% for Crazy Time Bonus Game payouts.

With that in mind, the likelihood of hitting big is not often.

My main strategy for the game is to place about 200 INR on each bonus game and then an additional 200 INR on the number 1 each round.

Knowing that the number 1 bet has a 38% chance of outcome for each spin, I can aim to sustain my bankroll for a bit longer in hopes of eventually getting to the Crazy Time bonus round.

Crazy Time: A lasting impression or a flop?

I love this game!

It’s innovative, immersive and unusual.

Crazy Time has lived up to the hype surrounding it since February and I couldn’t recommend it more to all levels of players.

Check it out now at LeoVegas and get a taste of the magic for yourself.

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