Currently on the unluckiest streak of my life

Let me preface by saying I’ve mainly been playing Ultimate Texas Holdem lately and I know the optimal strategy of the game, so I’m not betting in an un-knowledgeable fashion. I’ve been going to a card room for about 3 weeks now and I was up $1100 after the first 6 visits. Now I know that it’s unrealistic to expect to keep winning or even to break even in the long run but the past 4 visits have been a complete slaughter.

Just today I walked in, sat down and won the first hand I played. After that, I lost the next 14 hands in a row. The previous 3 visits haven’t been as bad in terms of winning % but they’ve been comparably bad in luck. Just full of bad hands and bad beats.

After that initial $1100 I was up, my next 4 visits went like this:

Day 1: -500

Day 2: -200 (the only reason I didn’t lose the whole $300 that I brought is because the dealer flopped a set of queens and then another queen came up on the turn so I got a trips payout of $150) I walked out shortly after.)

Day 3: -400

Today: -250

I’m writing this mostly in shock, I’m not really angry but mostly just sitting in a bit of disbelief. I felt that maybe writing about it and hearing about some other stories of unfortunate luck might make me feel a little less alone in some way.

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