CVCX option “Dealer Peeks on 10” on Sim Setup page is ignored / forgotten by the sim?


I want to compare my own strategy sim with the “canned” KO Preferred sim, which was done in CVCX using the “Dealer peeks on 10” option, as the “Sim Parms” in the Viewer window states:


So I attached a copy of KO Preferred as Playing Strategy and set up an own sim, and checked “Dealer peeks on 10” before running the sim:


But after running the simulation, when I got to the Viewer screen and checked the “Sim Parms”, the option “Dealer peeks on 10” was not set anymore:


I ran several simulations with all decks and rules and different number of simulation rounds (50 and 500 million), it was always the same: I checked the option “Dealer peeks on 10” before running the sim, but after the sim this option was not checked in the SimParms of the output.

What is going wrong here?

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