Dimitar Berbatov: Manchester United have a real chance of a Top Four finish

United are looking strong since the restart

It was a great performance over Brighton and I was really impressed with Manchester United.

I’m happy for Mason Greenwood and the performance he had. I have to say, that kind of performance has been coming because United have been producing really good football since the restart and they have been playing with speed, ideas, concentration, intent and the match against Brighton was a great example of all those things. I’ve they keep their performances up to this standard then they have a real chance of getting into the top four.

Everyone in the team was on point. It was an important game and they have now put a bit of pressure on Chelsea and Wolves, I’m sure that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the rest of the team will be happy with the result.

If they can keep this level of performance up to the end of the season then it will be great, and it will give every one at the club a big boost going into the new season.

Hopefully, a good run will bring them success and get them into the top four. If that is the case then it can really be the start of something, especially with their young squad and what Solskjaer has been building. Their performance against Brighton was great, but now it’s over and if they lose the next game, their work will count for nothing. I’m pretty sure other teams will be sitting up and paying attention to how well United are doing at the moment, and how improved they are, especially those teams that are fighting with them for top four.


Consistency is key to a strong finish

Now, consistency is key and we must remember that United have had some good games in the past but haven’t really built on that, and they dropped points and didn’t achieve their goals. Now, I think they have their priority in sight, and if they continue to play the way they have shown they can since the restart they will have a really strong finish.

The United players shouldn’t be getting carried away and I don’t think they will be doing. We are talking about Man United getting into the top four here, while not long ago it was all about being the top one.

That should be enough of a kick and a motivation for the team to say this is their chance to do something here, starting by qualifying for the Champions League and then take it from there, this is Manchester United after all and fighting for just the top four is a step back, they need to do more, but the first thing to do is to get Champions League football. If they continue the way they are going at the moment then they have a great chance to achieve their goals at the end of the season.

Liverpool players will feel great during guard of honour

Now that the Liverpool have finally wrapped up the title, it’s a custom for teams to show them respect, and it is fitting that the first team they face since being crowned Champions is Manchester City. Pep Guardiola’s players will have to give a guard of honour to Liverpool, and for me, that will be fun to watch.

pep klopp getty head 663x442.jpg

When I won the league at United, I remember we had a guard of honour from Blackpool. It’s nice to receive the admiration from the other teams, and it’s a good sign of respect for the other teams to admit and say ‘well done boys’.

You get good words from your colleagues, which means a lot, and is a great feeling. Liverpool will feel pride and fulfillment whilst they are being clapped onto the pitch, but it won’t be so great for the City players. I’m sure they will be saying ‘fair play you’ve done it this year, but next year is coming’. Both teams will have only pride to play for in the match and there will be no fans in the stadium, so I don’t think the guard of honour will be as painful for them, but they will certainly want to show their pride once the game kicks off.

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