Does a hand some times just come down to bad cards – is there something I am missing?

I read up pretty extensively on BlackJack and played a little to get my feet wet. I did all right and got slightly ahead and still am ahead.

I make pretty good judgement calls. Some times I would get hands where you should technically hit, but looking at the cards I’d have a pretty good idea a 10 / face card was coming. So I’d have a 13 and the dealer a 8, I’d stand, the guy after me would have a 12 then hit and bust with a 10. And the dealer would bust. I think these are technically index plays or playing deviations? I’m usually spot on about hands where I better just stand, and when I do hit say a 12 or 13 against something like a 7, I come out around 18-20 far more than I ever bust.

Something I am having a really hard time with is knowing if I am just getting bad cards, or if there is something I can do better. To beat I need to have a higher final total than the dealer, not bust before the dealer busts. I am losing A LOT when I get 19s and 20s. I lost maybe 90% of the time I get a 19 or a 20. The dealer always gets one card higher. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I will be watching the cards and have a pretty good idea that I’ll have a higher total and bet a little more than I normally do. Then I get a 20 and the dealer gets 21 after several hits.

I will watch a guy win 5 out of 8 hands with 15-18. Then I’ll sit there and get 19 or 20 6 out of 9 hands and maybe win 1 of the hands where I got a 19 or 20.

A, I just gauging bad? Thanks.

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