DragonVillageM_English: [Event] Bingo Event

▶ Schedule
2020/07/13 00:00 ~ 07/26 23:59 (UTC-5)

▶ Detail
Play Dragon Village M, Get Bingo Token, Draw the number and Fill up the bingo!
Various rewards are waiting for you.

▶ Rule
① Tamers get the Bingo Token by the number of wings used.
② Tamers can use 200 Bingo Tokens to draw numbers once.
③ Randomly select one of the numbers between 1 and 36.
④ Complete a line of bingo and tamers will get the reward.
⑤ If the number you won was duplicated, you will get a Number Choice Token.
⑥ With 10 Number Choice Tokens, tamers have the chance to choose the number tamers want.

* Tamers can exchange remaining tokens for available gift boxes.
* Gift box is available after completing the bingo.

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