Episode 211: Newton, Pipeline and Games That Fired Other Games

Episode released on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hey Now Cabalists! Today we get right down to business talking about some great games including In Too Deep, Marvel Champions, Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game, Jungle Cruise, Dead Reckoning, Stockpile, The Dwarves, and Project Winter. Then we dive in deep with an overview and review of Newton from Cranio Creations and give a Look Back of Pipeline from Capstone Games. Then finally we discuss games that fired other games. 

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  • Newton Overview 00:57:26
  • Newton Review 01:03:00
  • Pipeline Look Back 01:03:00
  • News with Tony T 01:31:53
  • Games That Fired Other Games 02:13:45

Opening Banter and Reviews

Games of Yesteryear

Video Games

Feature Review: Newton

The middle of the 17th century was a period of great changes; with the advent of the scientific method came what we now call the Scientific Revolution. Many great scientists, with their theories and ideas, changed and shaped our perception of the universe: Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon and, above all, Sir Isaac Newton. In Newton, the players take the role of a young scientist who wants to become one of the great geniuses of this era. To reach their ultimate goal, they travel around Europe, visit universities and cities, study to discover new theories, build new tools and work to earn money. The game is played over six rounds. Each round, every player plays five cards from their hand, and each played card allows the player to perform one of the many actions of the game. An action can have a variety of effects, which depend on the symbols on the board. At the end of the round, a player can take back all the cards except for one. One card has to remain on the board, which means that you give up one possibility of doing that action, but also that that very action will be carried out with greater strength. Fortunately, you can acquire new cards with additional powers to perform more actions. After six rounds, you calculate your final score, and the player with the most VP wins.

Designed by Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone

Published by Cranio Creations

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Lookback Review: Pipeline

The refinement of oil has long been part of the government-controlled energy sector. Amassed with an incredibly complex and inefficient system of refineries, the government has felt the severe pressures of worldwide demand and the ever-increasing global standards for refinement. Unable to keep up with demand, the government has only one option: privatizing the oil industry. This is where you come in. Seeking to capitalize on this new opportunity, in Pipeline you start a company in the oil business. You will focus on building a much more efficient pipeline network in your refinery, hiring experts that provide valuable benefits over your competitors, and managing the logistics of purchasing and selling your refined oil in the various markets. You will need more than strong economic skills – carefully crafting an interweaving network of pipelines just might ensure your victory!

Designed by Ryan Courtney

Published by Capstone Games

BoardGameGeek.com Entry

Gaming News by Tony T

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