Exploring The Re-Imagined Wynn Las Vegas Buffet

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet
Wynn Las Vegas BuffetWynn Las Vegas Buffet
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer |Getting ready for brunch!

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet

The law of inertia says “objects in motion tend to stay in motion; objects at rest stay at rest.” That’s me at a buffet. I grab enough food on one trip and rarely go up for a second plate of food. There are two reasons for this: 1) Portion control and 2) I’m lazy. Today I visited the “Re-Imagined” Wynn Las Vegas Buffet

The new full-service All You Can Eat Wynn Las Vegas Buffet (“The Buffet”) is perfect for me. The brunch menu is the same with 60+ option but the wait staff will bring the food to you. This won’t be a very wordy review but I’ll start with some notes if you don’t have time to spare.

  • The small plates are probably what you’d expect from the Wynn buffet.
  • The service and food are very good but may not worth $37 plus tax and tip for lunch.
  • Spicy maple syrup is the best!

Let’s get started!

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet LineWynn Las Vegas Buffet Line
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer | Waiting in the buffet line at Wynn Las Vegas

Reservations Required

Reservations are required to eat at the Wynn buffet so I secured a 12:15 spot for brunch. I’m not a buffet guy but this is the best time to slap a feedbag on. The combination of breakfast and lunch foods is perfect.

After checking in, we entered the line to be seated. My friend and I were yapping and didn’t notice that we weren’t social distancing and were kindly told to step back by the check-in person. 

After a failed “Meltzer like Seltzer” joke we were taken to a table in the main dining area. Evidently this well-lit area is the most popular seating area and always busy.

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet Mask CoasterWynn Las Vegas Buffet Mask Coaster
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer | All Wynn restaurants offer a mask coaster

After being seated, Letty introduced herself as our server and dropped off a coaster for our face coverings. She and the rest of the staff provided the great service you expect from Wynn. 

First course – Breakfast

Wynn Buffet BreakfastWynn Buffet Breakfast
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer | Breakfast

I don’t eat buffets or AYCE meals very often. I came up with a plan of attack and treated the Wynn buffet like it’s a…buffet and I ate like it was.

I knew everything would be served in plates and decided to take a sampling of different meals. The first course was a simple order of breakfast that included the following

  • Cage-free scrambled eggs and cheese
  • Thick-cut pepper bacon
  • Fried chicken and waffles

The scrambled eggs were gooey, cheesy, and tasty. The thick-cut bacon was excellent but a bit too peppery. While waiting for the second course, I chopped a piece of the bacon and mixed it with the egg and could have eaten that all day. 

The star of the breakfast course was the spicy maple syrup that accompanied the chicken and waffle. The chicken was breaded with matzo. The mac and cheese waffle tasted like a sweeter version than normal.

The chicken was juicy but I only thought it was good. My friend ate mine (minus a slice) and ordered a second piece. It couldn’t have been all that bad. I just prefer some spice in the chicken.

The waffle was an excellent conduit to get that delicious syrup in my mouth. Everything was better with the syrup – even the curly fries in the next course.

Second course – Lunch

Wynn Buffet LunchWynn Buffet Lunch
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer | Time for lunch!

I was almost full eating about half of the breakfast course. I pushed on so I could experience more dishes to see if there was anything amazing. The lunch course was almost as good as the first course but it did have my singular favorite dish.

  • Waygu (their spelling) beef slider
  • Slice of pepperoni pizza (not shown)
  • Penne with meatballs

The slider came with a few cold curly fries. The slider itself had two mini-burgers and was delicious. The fries were better with that spicy maple syrup. This was the only dish I decided to eat entirely. Everything about the slider was great.

The pizza tasted like buffet pizza. It was better than some buffet pizza I’ve had but the carbs are a waste of space in my belly. The penne and meatballs were very good. The sauce was tasty and the little meatballs were packed with flavor. 

Again, nothing was bad but the slider was really the only thing I’d seek and destroy again. 

Third Course – Dessert

Wynn Buffet - vegan chocolate chip cookieWynn Buffet - vegan chocolate chip cookie
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer | Vegan cookie and iced coffee complete the journey

We closed lunch with some vegan chocolate chip cookies. I got some iced coffee to wash it down. I thought we were leaving so I asked for my cup to go. It’s always strange when iced coffee comes in a hot coffee cup. After looking at this picture, I’m glad I didn’t spill coffee all over myself with the crooked lid.

Both were excellent and something I’ll probably enjoy again in the future. This was a nice way to finish brunch.

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet

Wynn Las Vegas Buffet FlowersWynn Las Vegas Buffet Flowers
Photograph ©2020 Marc Meltzer | Pretty flowers

I think fans of buffets and the Wynn buffet will enjoy the experience. I’m not much of a fan of this kind of eating and I enjoyed it.

Brunch at the new AYCE Wynn Las Vegas Buffet “The Buffet” is $36.99 per person. This is a full-service meal so tip as you would for a normal meal. The staff does a great job bringing food, clearing plates, and refilling drinks. My friend was able to get a comp for the food so we tipped a little more than usual.

I rarely eat buffets after breakfast because I don’t eat enough to get value out of the meal. While I enjoyed the food at the new Wynn buffet, I didn’t eat enough food for this to be a good value.

Wynn isn’t a value hotel so this isn’t much of a surprise. The meal and service were good enough for me to return if I meet someone at Wynn who wants a casual meal with a lot of options.

The Details

Wynn Las Vegas – “The Buffet”
Located in: Wynn Las Vegas
Address: 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: +1 (702) 770-7000
Brunch (Monday-Thursday) 11:30 am to 3:30 pm
Dinner (Monday-Thursday) 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Gourmet brunch (Friday) 11:30 am to 3:30 pm
Gourmet brunch (Saturday and Sunday) 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
Gourmet dinner (Friday and Saturday) 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Gourmet dinner (Sunday) 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Attire: Resort casual; tank tops and swimwear are not permitted

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