Four things to do while staying socially distant this week

To encourage social distancing during the spread of COVID-19, we are altering our regular “Event Horizon” section for the foreseeable future. While many local events have been canceled, we will clue you into at least one local experience — this week: Green Box Arts Festival’s virtual happy hours — and recommend some things you can do at home or safely out and about. Please continue to support local arts during this difficult time.

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  • Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church


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Colorado Springs’ Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church ( has long been known for its support of classical music. While the church won’t be featuring any in-person performances until further notice, they have teamed up with local musicians to make your lunch hour a little brighter. On Thursdays through Aug. 13, you can tune in to the church’s Facebook page at noon to enjoy the sweet strings, keys and occasional horns of some of the most talented classical musicians around. Whether you’re still working from home or navigating the socially distanced workplace, these weekly shows are sure to soothe and delight and provide a nice respite in the middle of your day.


Peace Talks

Part fantasy, part mystery, author Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series has long been a source of delight for readers who enjoy magical stories packed with wit and humor. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading the antics of professional wizard Harry Dresden as he solves modern-day challenges with ancient solutions, you can start from the beginning with Storm Front. For those who have passionately followed the series into the present day, Peace Talks is here to delight, the first of two novels released in 2020. Harry Dresden joins the security team of the magical White Council to protect peace talks to end hostilities between supernatural entities in his beloved hometown of Chicago. Political intrigue, humorous mishaps and magic abound as Dresden attempts to save the day with his trademark chaotic heroism. Available from most book retailers.



Fine arts photographer Lou Mensah brings together a variety of creatives from multiple disciplines to discuss race, identity and the arts. In the podcast bio, Mensah says the show focuses on “anti-racism conversations through the lens of creativity and activism,” adding, “I’ve created a space for activists and artists to share with you the whys and hows of their experiences challenging white supremacy in the arts, our institutions, education, academia, online, our communities and in legislation.” The guests are fascinating, spanning multiple countries and roles in the artistic community and offering frank, informative and critical anti-racist conversations. Available on most podcast platforms.



If you’re bored with traditional card games like Uno and Phase 10, there’s a new (well, new to English speakers) game ready to test your strategy — and relationships. Dealt!, also known as Krass Kariert or Checkered Combos, is a card game where there may not be an ultimate winner, but you find victory in not becoming the ultimate loser. Each player has three life tokens and two reserve cards and is dealt a hand of cards that must remain in the exact order dealt. Everyone takes turns playing combinations of cards in an attempt to achieve the highest score. If you cannot play, you can use up a life token or try to use one of your reserve cards to build a new combination. The first person to run out of life tokens loses — and everyone else wins. Available via most game retailers.

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