Game is still hot this week. Another $100

They just replaced this game with the “Pulse 3” , same ticket but new design. Drove to 3 places to find the “Pulse 2” version I like.

Question : CO Lottery releases their tickets in “Pulses”. Usually 3 during the run of a game. Before Pulse 3 released this week, there was 1 remaining jackpot. Now that 3 is released, like other games, I noticed the older pulse is no longer in machines or at most stores. How is that one remaining jackpot allocated? Is it possible the jackpot was printed long ago and ended up in Pulse 1 or 2 and has been pulled from circulation? Or is the last jackpot printed specifically for each Pulse (game started with 3 jackpots available, last redemption was over the winter) and I should just stop playing this Pulse and focus on the newest one?

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