GTA Online Casino Heist Glitch Makes Robbing Artwork and Lockboxes Faster

Casino heists in GTA Online can be a great way for players to make lots of cash in a hurry, and a recently surfaced glitch cut that time in half by letting a player steal a painting and break into a lockbox at the same time. Grand Theft Auto 5 added the Diamond Casino to its online mode in an update earlier this year, giving players plenty of new ways to earn money through both legal means and more shady ones.

Glitches like the new casino heist bug are as old as GTA Online, and it’s easy to see why. With so many players interacting in the chaotic sandbox of the game, piloting impossibly fast vehicles and launching missiles at each other en masse, it’s no surprise that things can often go haywire. Of course, that doesn’t make things any easier when GTA Online’s physics engine flips out, sending players cartwheeling across the map, for instance. And while there are some glitches that can ruin a player’s day, there are others that do the opposite, like a login glitch that showered some people with free money.

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Another generous glitch recently showed up in the game for one player, letting them pull off two thefts at the same time at the Diamond Casino. Reddit user screechawk posted video of the lucky heist, but was at a loss to say how it happened. According to screechawk, they mashed the button to start the heist as they approached a painting in the casino, which somehow activated both the art theft and the lockbox drilling at the same time. The result was a pair of hovering backpacks at both stations, with screechawk’s character teleporting back and forth, stealing both items at the same time. Screechawk says they haven’t been able to reproduce the glitch just yet.

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GTA Online Casino Heist Glitch

It may be for the best if the glitch can’t be replicated, as Rockstar Games has taken a hard stance on people who use exploits in the past. When a widespread exploit was being used to make money from manipulating casino chip sales, the developer responded by resetting the offending users’ characters. Rockstar has similarly cracked down on hackers before, but cheating remains a constant problem in GTA Online.

While it may not be worth it to try and reproduce the new casino heist glitch, it was still a lucky payout for one player. It’s also a reminder that in a game as complex as GTA Online, even common activities can sometimes have surprising results.

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GTA Online is available in GTA 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: screechawk/Reddit

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