Hellmuth selling his Vegas home


Hellmuth selling Vegas home

Well he doesn’t have a WSOP to use it for, so why not put it on the market to fund a few high rollers? 

Phil Hellmuth is selling his Las Vegas home for $430,000 (quite a bit above recommended asking price) and he took to Twitter for try and dodge expensive realtor fees, baby. 

The replies are pure comedy gold but the biggest takeaway for long time poker fans is that, yes, that is the same house from the infamous ‘balcony’ video:”

PokerStars release security information

Our friends at CardPlayerLifeStyle got their hands on this fascinating infographic last week detailing the security steps PokerStars have taken since October 2019. 

The PokerStars security team are known as one of the best but have always been quite guarded releasing their information, until now. 

Amongst other things, PokerStars has a whopping 1.9 million active players and an almost similar amount in dollars has been returned from cheaters caught in the act. 

Infographic from CardPlayerLifeStyle.com

Vice journalist admits cheating

We almost didn’t feature this because we didn’t want to give anyone a stupid idea, but everyone in poker is talking about it. 

Thankfully they are all lambasting the Vice journalist who wrote about using a bot to play online poker with.

Don’t do this folks, it will get caught and as you will see from his replies, you won’t win any friends for doing it:

LATB but not as we know it

Finally, as life gets back to normal in some parts of the world we once again got to share the latest sick pot from the Live At The Bike stream.

Of course if you had seen this socially distanced hand a year ago you would have wondered what the hell was going on, but there we have it, the new normal!

[embedded content]

Will Phil sell that house at that price? Let us know in the comments:

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