Help me calculate expected value of unique raffle

I am in a men’s league at a golf course and once a week we play a game called “chase the ace”. For those of you who are not familiar with the game it is similar to a 50/50 raffle but with a twist. Just as you would in a 50/50 raffle you buy a ticket and if your ticket gets pulled you get half the pot. Instead of the rest of the money going to the organization the other half goes to a pot that builds week to week. If your ticket gets pulled you have a chance to pull a card from a deck of playing cards. If you pull the ace of spades you win the other pot. If you don’t pull it you get the first half and the other half carries over. The card you pulled stays out of the deck. So over time there becomes a bigger and bigger pot and fewer and fewer cards until someone pulls the ace of spades. Tickets are $20 a piece. Every week there is usually around 80 tickets sold. Meaning $800 goes to the 50/50 winner and $800 goes into the ace of spades pot. Right now the ace of spades pot is at $7300 and I have only spent $80. There is about 22 cards left in the deck. Is the expected value greater than one? And if so theoretically I should buy as many tickets as possible right?

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