How do you play roulette with strategies..


There are several schemes in this system, which you can read about in the article System Martingale in Roulette. Here the emphasis is on the colour (red or black), the sector, the number group. In this case, after winning or losing (depending on the method) it is necessary to double the bet.

Dozens and columns

The scheme provides for bets on number fields on which winnings are paid 1:2. If you lose, the bet is multiplied by half. The probability of winning is 66.6%.


The player must determine the unevenness of the distributed sectors. So there are more black sectors in the middle of the field, but the third field is red. You must bet on red in the middle row to improve your chances of winning.

Method 5 of 6

You must divide one of the groups into five numbers. If the ball lands on an empty sector, the stake is multiplied. The probability of winning is 85%.


First of all, it is necessary to rotate the drum freely, studying the sequence of falling numbers. Then make your sequence and start betting. When a certain number becomes a winning number, we cross it off.

Thomas Donald’s Strategy

Choose a color that you will always bet on. If you lose, the bet is increased by $1, and after you win, the bet is reduced. You can only make 36 attempts after which you change the color.

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