How much money do you allocate to gambling each month/week?

Around $0-20 per week, around $550 per year, I stick to MegaMillions, Powerball, State Lottery a Daily Fantasy game that is $60k-600k per drawing and like 5 or 10 scratchers a year on larks.

I’m probably going to be spending much less per week but more per game nowadays since I have started to lose interest in the smaller jackpots and want to aim for a few more chances per drawing on larger jackpots.

My strategy or theory is that if we’re all unlikely to ever have a substantial payout on a winning ticket, the less often I buy tickets on smaller stake games the more tickets I can and will buy in higher stake games, the more likely my one and only statistical chance at winning a substantial pay out on a given attempt will be in the high tens of millions post tax ($65M and up, its feeling like… might go up to $100M) rather than the smaller game prizes.

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