How to ace your rummy winnings with lower rakes?

Well, you all must have heard the saying,” The greatest art of life is to put less and win more.” When you play rummy online, it becomes your aspiration to find smart ways to make your winnings bigger and better. As a matter of fact, we all are in this world to stock up our memories with great accomplishments and inspiration. Once you have tasted the flavour of success, your mind will always gather thoughts pertaining to greater accomplishments and winnings. When you win big, you want to claim all of your winnings but most of the time due to high rakes or service charges on various online rummy sites, you end up losing more money and pay heavy deductions.

What if we tell you that there is a way to ace your winnings when you play rummy card games? Adda52Rummy is offering up to 50% lower rakes in its latest June Pool Carnival to help you make your winnings bigger. Moreover, there will be absolutely no deductions anymore on your big winnings. So this means that you can enjoy double the thrill and fun of online rummy games without worrying about heavy deductions and high service charges. You can pick any of the Rummy variant of your choice-  whether it is 101 Pool Rummy or 201 Pool Rummy at a reduced rake and play rummy with no deductions on your net winnings.

So here’s what happens when you play rummy at lower rakes. At lower rakes, there are lesser service charges levied on your winnings. So when you play at lower rakes on rummy cash tables at Adda52Rummy, you can be sure of taking home the maximum out of your winnings. In addition to this, with our instant withdrawal feature, you can claim all of your winnings at zero deductions as per your convenience.

How Lower Rakes In Rummy Can Help You Win More?When you join a rummy cash table at low rake, it naturally increases your net winning amount. You can learn more about rakes and their impact on your winnings in our previous blog on How Lower Rakes In Rummy Can Help You Win More? On the other hand, high rakes can reduce your chances of claiming big winnings. They also function as a great demotivator to some of the most affluent rummy players as they feel cheated in terms of the value of their money. This makes them lose interest in the game and eventually they quit playing online rummy games. It is just like when you visit a high-end restaurant to indulge in your favorite cuisine however once you have enjoyed the food and you get the bill, your enthusiasm and happiness goes into the drain due to the heavy service charges you are bound to pay.

However, you would definitely love to dine again at the same restaurant if they have charged up to 50% lesser service fee. Similarly, when you play rummy cash games, you need to make a deposit in order to enroll yourself. So your aim automatically becomes to get more than what you have given and you start deploying your smartest strategies in order to win the game. But when you win big and the rummy site charges heavy rakes on your winnings you may end up losing half of your winnings. However, with up to 50% lower rakes and low entry fee at Adda52Rummy your winnings will naturally increase and you will feel that you have got the best value of the money that you deposited. Therefore, lower the rakes, higher will be your winnings.

So what are you waiting for? The clock is already ticking and you must hurry up to the rummy cash tables now to make your winnings bigger. This is the ultimate opportunity to ace your winnings like never before. India is playing big and winning bigger, so should you! The offer is valid only till 30th June. Make the most of your winnings now!

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