1.     Contact the technicians to determine what dates are available.

2.      Select a Tentative date for your Pedicure Party.

3.      Send an email (or call) your friends, co-workers, family members, classmates, etc., to determine if they are interested in attending a pedicure party and to determine if the TENTATIVE date you selected is a good date for the MAJORITY of your potential guest.

4. Contact the technicians to confirm your date and to provide them with the number of potential guests.

5. Send a second e-mail to (or call) those individuals who have stated they wish to attend your pedicure party asking them to inform you of an approximate time.

6. Plan a menu, within your budget, based on the number of guests you are inviting, and centered around the time of day you plan on hosting your party. You may choose to have your party on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon.

7. Send out official invitations, providing directions to your home, or wherever you intend on having the party, to those individuals who have expressed a desire to attend. (If you have extra invitations, send them to those individuals who expressed an interest, however, due to other commitments could not attend, because their plans may change, allowing them to join you.) Also, send an invitation to each technician.

8. Contact your guests, via email or by telephone, 48 hours prior to the event to confirm their attendance.

9. Contact the technicians 24 hours prior to the event to ensure they have not forgotten the date for your party, and to ensure they are clear as to the time of the party, the directions, and to confirm the number of people you are expecting with them.

10. During the party, have the technicians set up in a central location where your guest can see what type of service the technicians are offering.

This will encourage those guests who were uncertain about whether to receive a pedicure and Manicure to take part in the fun.


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