How To Help Your Local Board Game Stores As They Re-Open

As business begin to reopen across the world, we have some tips on ways to social distance while supporting your local tabletop gaming shops.

It seems like the days of gathering around a table with friends to play our favorite tabletop board games and card games is a thing of distant memory. But with COVID-19 restrictions beginning to ease, embarking on adventure may not be as impossible as it seems. While we have been feeling a lack of the ability to play games with our friends, the tabletop industry – especially local shops – are being met with financial challenges as they try to re-open to the public.

Ever since COVID-19 forced people into their homes earlier this year, tabletop gamers have been forced to find creative ways to continue their gaming adventures. Dungeons & Dragons fanatics found solace in online spaces like Roll 20 while other tabletop gamers have tried other creative avenues like Tabletop Simulator. While this has made it easier for us to enjoy our favorite games, it has – unfortunately – caused further struggle with local gaming shops. As these stores begin to re-open and allow us to slip back into a semblance of normality, they are relying on their robust community to keep them afloat. Luckily, we have some suggestions on how enthusiasts can work together to help their favorite stores survive and thrive during the transition.

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Pre-Order The Upcoming D&D And Warhammer Sets

While production in the film, television, and – for the most part – video game world has slowed, there are still ample future releases that gamers are excited to get their hands on. Supplying local shops with pre-order revenue for your most anticipated games is a surefire way to encourage shops to bring in new stock, but also provide them with a source of revenue and a sense of security when ordering said stock. Warhammer fans can support their local shops by putting down a payment for the new 9th edition sets while Dungeons & Dragons adventurers can begin the hype for the September release of Rime of the Frostmaiden. Games like Frosthaven, the highly anticipated Gloomhaven follow-up, Catan, Magic the Gathering etc. make for other helpful pre-orders to keep stock rotating and the dollars coming in.

Buy A Pokémon Booster Or Two

While the idea of securing your Frosthaven deluxe edition sounds enticing, the reality of the post-COVID world is that money isn’t just tight for shop owners, but consumers as well. It’s understandable that most people aren’t financially capable to rush out and drop $100+ dollars on the hottest new games. Any business will go a long way, though, so consider making small purchases – when you can – at your local shop. Booster packs, dice, bags, sleeves and trinkets are another way that gamers can support local shops while not breaking their proverbial banks. This generates a much needed revenue in local businesses instead of putting it towards the big online companies that have been doing continuous business through the pandemic.

Get A Gift Card For Friends

You don’t even have to be a tabletop gamer to support the tabletop gaming industry. Just like a pre-order, you can secure some much needed revenue for businesses by purchasing gift cards for your gaming family members and friends. If there’s one thing that gamers always need, it’s money to put towards more games. A gift card purchase will ensure that local businesses continue to generate a return and it helps gamers who are struggling to have something to look forward to once they can gather around the table again.

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The gaming industry and its community share a special kind of relationship. The joy and ridiculousness that accompanies a group of friends, or strangers, as they trek through the Underdark or steal your resources to build a settlement is a feeling that cannot be duplicated in the digital world. While many new avenues have opened up to bring the experience of tabletop gaming to more people over the last few months, there is still an active community of patrons who rely on local gaming shops for a safe and welcoming space for Friday Night Magic, as well as a social setting that they can’t find anywhere else. Tabletop gaming brings us imagination, respect, and inclusivity. It’s local gaming shops that are the driving force behind that community feeling. They have always been there when we needed them and now it is time for us to return the favor.

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