I don’t support “Black Lives Matter” (the organization)

…………….because I genuinely care for black people

Black Lives Matter is only about police brutality once every 4 years. In between, they’re heavily pushing for leftist and LGBTQ agendas. They are fueling the hate and promotes segregation.
They destroy black businesses and black communities. Many black lives, both police and civilians, were taken away during their “peaceful” protest.
They were not hiding their intention of political power and is run by a Marxist organizer.

If they really care about black lives, they should defund abortion clinics who killed many black babies instead of the police. They should discuss the black on black crimes, which is more than 90% of black homicide. They should be demanding for better education and advocate to better the issue with father absence.
We should talk about the problems that are REALLY affecting the black communities instead of demanding white people to bow down to them. Most of all, stop telling black people that they are oppressed and discriminated, therefore, they cannot be successful and should blame everything to white people.

BLM ignited the chaos by using the death of George Floyd, claiming it is a racially motivated murder by a racist police officers. They claim that the police have prejudice against black people. But let’s look at the facts:
-The technique used to restrain Floyd is commonly used by police officers. You will see a lot of videos circulating around that this was also used to white people. Two years ago, a schizophrenic white man called 911 for help. Instead of helping, the police held him down, with the officer’s knee on his neck for 13 minutes, while mocking him and laughing when he passed out. He died. Was there a protest? NO! Because the victim was white.
-In 2019, 9 African Americans were killed in the hands of the police. Sounds awful right? Well, 19 Caucasians were killed in by the police the same year while 89 police officers were killed on duty. (FBI statistics, open for everyone to see)

Martin Luther King was fighting for equality. Black Lives Matter is fighting for privilege.

I don’t support groups who:
-believes looting and rioting is the way
-destroy communities
-burns and disrespect the flag
-gathers white people and put them on their knees, make them apologize for being white and denounce their white privileged
-destroy historical places that are important in US history
-attacking western symbols
-demands cancellations of everything that doesn’t agree with them
-creates segregation amongst races (they created a “black only” zone in CHAZ, Seattle)
-who demands white people to pay for slavery (no living white person owned a slave and no living black person was ever a slave)
-demanding everyone to support the group, otherwise you will be labeled racist
-turning a criminal to a hero
-murders police officers
-murders innocent lives
-commits arson
-blocks firemen from saving lives
-trespasses private properties and pretends to be the victim

Immigrants who escape communism and socialism are worried and expressed their concern because they are seeing the patterns repeating. Black people are speaking against the organization.

“The organization is using black people to advance on Marxist agenda and the corporations, the schools, the churches and the people who have gotten behind black lives matter, the organization, they think they are helping black people. They think they are showing support for black people but actually it is the opposite.”
“White people are cowardly, specially in this moment in history and they feel like they want to show that they support black people….. we don’t hate anybody, I’m not racist I can prove it, I give money to black lives matter”
-Professor Carol M. Swain, PHD

Please, don’t just rely on main stream media, they are heavily edited and biased. Do your due diligence. Watch intellectual debates and discussions. Look at the facts. Watch independent journalist and unedited/uncut clips. Look at both sides of the story. TRUTH MATTERS. ALL LIVES MATTER


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