IGT appoints Renato Ascoli as CEO for global gaming

IGT appoints Renato Ascoli as CEO for global gaming

Casino and lottery technology provider International Game Technology Plc (IGT) has appointed Renato Ascoli as chief executive for global gaming. The appointment became effective on Wednesday and it was part of a leadership change at IGT that the firm says will help “reduce complexity and increase organisational efficiency.”

IGT’s new organisational structure includes a new CEO for the firm’s global lottery segment, Fabio Cairoli, said the firm in a press release on Wednesday.

IGT will start reporting its financial results under these two business segments starting with the third quarter of 2020. Financial results for the second quarter of 2020 will be reported in line with the legacy organisational structure, it said.

The firm stated the new structure was designed to “provide greater responsiveness to customers and players.” It would also “increase IGT’s effectiveness and competitiveness in providing products and solutions that address the opportunities of each market segment,” the firm said.

The group’s CEO Marco Sala was quoted in the release as saying that a “simplified organisational structure” would create “a stronger, more focused IGT.”

He added: “Global product segments enable us to leverage our extraordinary talent, unique insights as both an operator and service provider, and economies of scale to continue delivering unrivalled gaming experiences and create value for all stakeholders.”

Prior to his appointment as CEO for global gaming, Mr Ascoli served as IGT’s CEO for North America. In that capacity, he held global responsibility for product development, manufacturing, product management, technology and delivery of all the company’s portfolio outside of Italy, according to a biography provided by IGT.

The global gaming segment “will have full responsibility for the IGT gaming business,” including its international division covering Asia. Mr Ascoli will report to Mr Sala.

Also reporting to Mr Sala, IGT executive Walter Bugno will have a new role, leading the “new business and strategic initiatives” group, said IGT. Prior to the organisational reshuffle, Mr Bugno was CEO, International of IGT.

The new business and strategic initiatives group will be “responsible for leading business development in jurisdictions where IGT is not present, and where – while there may be a company presence – there is no defined product segment presence,” the firm said.

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