Imam Hussain

  • Name:Imam Hussain ibn ‘Ali
  • Titles: Sayyid-as-Shuhadaa (Leader of Martyrs)
  • Kuniya: Abu Abdullah
  • Birthdate: Thursday, 3rd Shaban 4 A.H. in Madina
  • Father: Imam ‘Ali Al-Murtaza (peace be upon him), 1st Holy Imam
  • Mother: Hazrat Fatimah (daughter of the Holy Prophet) (peace be upon them)     Died:
  • (Martyred) Date: Friday, 10th Muharram, 61 A.H. Place: Kerbala, Iraq       Age: 57 years
  • Cause: Massacred along with some of his family members and companions by the army of Yazid ibn Mu’awiya
  • Buried: Kerbala, Iraq

In the House of the Holy Prophet, which introduced the best picture of both the universes – the paradise and the earth-a kid who profited humankind as though he was a Divine Impression mirroring the earth, was conceived on one of the evenings of the long stretch of Sha’ban. His dad was Imam ‘Ali, the best model of thoughtfulness towards his companions and the most courageous against the foes of Islam, and his mom was Hadrat Fatimah, the main girl, and offspring of the Holy Prophet, who had as generally recognized, acquired the characteristics of her dad. Imam Hussain is the third Apostolic Imam. At the point when the uplifting news of his introduction to the world arrived at the Holy Prophet, he went to his little girl’s home, took the recently conceived kid in his arms, discussed adhan and iqamah in his privilege and left ears separately, and on the seventh day of his introduction to the world, in the wake of playing out the rituals of, named him al-Hussain , in consistence with Allah’s order. ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas relates: “On the very day when Imam Hussain was conceived, Allah requested blessed messenger Gabriel to plummet and compliment the Holy Prophet on His Behalf and all alone.

While plunging, Gabriel disregarded an island where the heavenly attendant Futrus had been exiled because of his postponement in executing a commission doled out by Allah. He was denied of his wings and removed to the island where he stayed for quite a long while imploring and adoring Allah and requesting His pardoning. “When the blessed messenger Futrus saw Gabriel, he got out, ‘ Where are you going, O Gabriel?’ To this he answered, ‘ Hussain, the grandson of Muhammad is conceived, and for this very explanation Allah has directed me to pass on His congrats to His Apostle.’ Thereupon, the heavenly attendant stated, ‘ Can you convey me likewise alongside you? May Muhammad prescribe my case to Allah.’ Gabriel took the holy messenger alongside him, went to the Holy Prophet, offered congrats to him for the benefit of Allah and himself, and alluded the instance of the blessed messenger to him.


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