Important Poker Rules to Follow

Poker games are quite popular in the online space. Many have started showing keen interest in poker which is popularly known as the game of chance. While many believe that poker is a game that is all about chances, there is possibility for one to employ their skills to attain the necessary result. In order to master over poker, it is important to be clear on the basic rules related to poker. If the player is not clear about the basics then it would be hard to win over the game. Also, there are certain important poker rules that need to be followed to stay on the game. Once you are clear with the basic rules, you can move onto the advanced poker tips like how to use marked playing cards in poker games.

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The very basic and fundamental rule with regard to poker involves playing the standard 52 pack of cards in poker. There are some other games that makes use of varied packs and include more cards but in the basic method, 52 cards are used. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace, this is the ranking for poker games. Hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds are the four groups used and it needs to be understood that no group is higher or lower. The highest poker hand turns out to be the winner.

Hand ranking

Five of a kind – This particular scenario is possible only in the case of wild cards and it is the highest hand possible. In this case, five aces can beat five kings which in turn beats five queens and the process continues.

Four of a kind – It is four cards of the same ranking and in this case if more hands are up, the highest ranking four wins over others. There are some variations used in the advanced poker games.

Two pair

It is the case of two pairs of distinct cards along with a 5th card. Highest pair of all wins in this case. In case both hands are known to have high pairs then the second pair wins.


Poker is a game of gamble that involves some sort of betting. However, there are some rules with regard to betting as well. Here are the four important betting rules to know,

Raise – If you want to bet against that what has been bet last time then you raise the bet amount.

Call – The bet is placed to match up with what bet has been placed at last.

Fold – Dropping out the current hand and not having to give any money is what fold is all about. To fold, you must lose all your chances of winning.

Check – If there is no wager on the best that has been made currently, then the check move is made. If a check is placed, the action is passed onto the next person in the clockwise direction.

These are some of the most important and fundamental poker rules that need to be followed in a game of poker.

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