In the Wild

In this ongoing series I’m going to share anecdotes and observations from the casinos, usually for entertainment purposes only. I’m limited in what I can share in real time, so I might expand the column to guest contributors or non-casino material in the future. If you leave a comment, please reference the post number.

#1. [Posted 20200625]. This pandemic just got real! Reminiscent of one of David Letterman’s “Brush with Greatness” sketches, I once ran into Vince Carter. I was at the Ritz-Carlton casino in Puerto Rico, maybe 15 years ago (maybe 20), and I believe the US team was in town for an exhibition tournament. Walking through the pit, Vince called out to a teammate, “I’m already down twenty bucks in this bitch!” I liked seeing his irritation from the loss of a mere $20. “Half-man, half-amazing”! That was awesome.

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