Kavala Roulette




I woke up and started my evening shift in Kavala Square, it was a busy shift, with a lot of officers milling about the Kavala PD. We had prior notice to an event in Kavala that night, a game of Roulette.

There was going to be trouble, I could sense it, I knew at the very least that I would lose a lot of money. I geared up, put my comms on and immediately heard people speaking in the radio about how much they had lost, it was tragic. This made me think, should I actually take part in this, or should I just keep the peace?

I turned up in my vehicle, avoiding the citizens who tend to sometimes walk in front of cars as they drive through the street, maybe they had a bit to drink before hand, it was after 5 so we cannot blame them for that. I get out my car and realize there is also a sponsored silence which everyone is adhering too, lovely.


A beautiful Police Officer standing guard to ensure that Kavala is safe.


People do the only thing they know how to do in Kavala when they get excited, they pull out their guns and start shooting randomly.


You can see the utter disdain the medic on the right is experiencing here, must have lost a good few bob on that one.

I do my duty and ensure that people are behaving, not stealing cars and not breaking the law, it was quite the night and a lot of people lost a lot of money. I would say this should definitely be something that should happen again.

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