Lost my ticket

First day back and was up $343.00! Just as the casino was closing for the night (to sanitize) I dropped my ticket on my way to the redemption machine, it was no more than 25 yards away. I literally watched the guy pick up my ticket and brag about his findings to another patron. Didn’t realize it was my ticket until it was my turn to cash it in. Believe me, I was frantic. Floor manager and security approached me to assist and took my info, said the person cashed it while I was looking for it. The creep walked up to me on his way out and asked what was wrong… then told me he only had 90 cents?! long story short, he’s a regular and they have contacted me to let me know they’re looking for him and I will he visiting the police station to file charges. They also told me that regardless of what he does, he’s banned for life.

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