Masks Now Mandatory in Caesars Facilities

The casino reopening process is a difficult one, as it requires constantly revising certain rules regarding visitors’ behavior. This is a necessary procedure that must result in the best possible protection measures for the staff and the visitors.

That’s why Caesars decided that all visitors to its facilities are required to wear a face mask.

Therefore, if you plan to visit any Caesars casino in the states, make sure to bring a mask with you. The company announced Wednesday afternoon that facial coverings are mandatory inside. Anyone refusing to wear a mask will be asked to leave the property.

There’s an exception for mask-wearers, and that’s when they eat and drink. This will be the only time when they’ll be allowed to remove the mask.

This policy now applies to all properties operated by Caesars across the nation. Caesars casinos that are currently receiving visitors are open in several states, including Nevada, California, North Carolina, and Arizona.

Some of the states where Caesars properties are currently closed are Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. When they reopen their doors, their visitors will have to wear face masks too. This will also be applied to Caesars casinos in Canada.

From Optional to Mandatory

The Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, decided to hold a press conference. One of the reasons was that he consulted with his medical advisers regarding face coverings in Las Vegas casinos.

When casinos in Las Vegas reopened their doors, visitors were advised to wear masks. However, not many of them actually cared to do it, which resulted in policy change.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board decided to make masks mandatory for all visitors who want to take part in table games. However, those who wanted to play slots were free to enter casinos without masks.

In the end, Caesars decided to take the most logical step and make masks mandatory for all visitors. It wouldn’t come as surprising if other casino operators across the US decide to follow Caesars and come up with identical rules.

Caesars is now one of the operators that pay a lot of attention to visitors’ safety. One of the ways to do that before making masks mandatory was to award a $20 bonus to every visitor who enters their Las Vegas Strip properties with a mask.

Business Insider released a report claiming that Caesars gave a total of $7,500 to 375 guests with a mask. This is an excellent way to promote the casino and also make visitors more responsible.

However, when the Caesars officials decided to make masks mandatory in all their properties, the promotion effectively ended. Nevertheless, the company just wanted to make sure that the possibility of disease spreading inside its properties is minimal, and mandatory masks is one of the most logical ways to make that happen.

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