Movie Review: 7 Days to Vegas

@Snickers99poker is back with another review. This time it’s a movie review of the 2019 film 7 Days to Vegas, starring everybody’s favorite poker commentator (show tunes going off in his head! Bingo bango bongo!) Vince Van Patten.

7 Days to Vegas:

Vince Van Patten…actor, former professional tennis player, author, commentator for the World Poker Tour. And co-writer and producer of the movie 7 Days to Vegas about a bunch of degenerate gamblers betting on whether his character could walk from Los Angeles to the Las Vegas sign (280 miles) in seven days which happens to be the latest movie I watched.

Here’s the trailer but to be honest, it’s not a very good one. Don’t base on whether you’re going to watch it or not just on the trailer.

[embedded content]


Short review: I liked it.

A little longer review: It seems like people have a hard time taking Vince seriously, and this movie continues that theme because it doesn’t take itself too seriously either. If you’re a degenerate gambler, a wannabe degen, or just like movies based on degens, you’ll like this movie.

7 Days to Vegas starts off with Vince and his buddies playing poker which, of course, leads to bigger games with bigger fish and bigger money. There’s conflicts, shenanigans, hoodwinking, etc., and it leads to a bet about walking to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in seven days for big money.


Did you know Vince Van Patten once beat John McEnroe (1981) and was rank as high as 26th in the world? Well, that’s what Wikipedia claims.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this movie. I lol’d a couple times and it held my interest. Of course, it’s not going to win any Oscars and the audience for it is narrow. If you don’t enjoy watching degen gamblers making prop bets…or if you don’t even understand that sentence…it might not be for you. But since you’re on a website that posts gambling trip reports, I’m guessing you like gambling so you should like this movie. It’s a fun, non-serious movie.

Where To See It:

As of this posting, 7 Days to Vegas is available on Amazon Prime. It might be on other streaming services but I don’t have other streaming services (except Hulu and it’s not on there) so I don’t know where else it’s available. I’d give it…um, I guess I never worked out a rating system.

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