Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest Odds & History

nathan's famous hot dog eating contest odds header
nathan's famous hot dog eating contest odds headernathan's famous hot dog eating contest odds header

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Looking for Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest odds? You’re in the right place — Read on to discover the story behind the famous annual contest, odds, and some of the key players to know.

Does the name Joey Chestnut mean anything to you? Chestnut holds the world record for most hot dogs eating during Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest, where he consumed 73 hot dogs in under 10 minutes.

Luckily, people who’ve missed televised events should be happy to hear that hot dog eating is something that can be done safely, at a distance, and this year Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Content is bringing you their annual content to determine who will win the mustard belt – And we’ve got the Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest odds.

So, if you’re looking for an event to bet on, get into and watch with your bubble, or alone, we’ve got everything you need to know before tuning in.

joey chestnut in front of nathan's famous hotdogs wall of fame in 2019joey chestnut in front of nathan's famous hotdogs wall of fame in 2019

Joey Chestnut in front of the Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Wall of Fame at Coney Island on July 4, 2019.

Hot Dog History: A Brief Background & Implementation

Do you consider hot dogs an all-American food?

According to lore, on the Fourth of July, in 1916, a group of immigrants got together to make a toast to America the best way they knew how – With a hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand. In 1972, the stand held their own official version of the contest in an homage to the legend, and have held it every July 4th since.

The event has gotten so huge, it draws crowds upwards of 40,000 people to watch, and nearly millions of people tune in to watch contestants down thousands of calories at once. The time given to contestants has varied, but since 2008 they have only 10 minutes to eat.

Before we get into Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest odds, you might be surprised at what actually goes into preparing for a competitive eating event.

Did you know contestants actually practice stretching out their stomachs prior to the gig? They sure do – According to Nathan’s Famous, contestants usually eat fibrous foods like watermelon or oatmeal, and drink gallons of milk or water, both very quickly – this is a trick used by competitive eaters to prepare for big competitions.

Another interesting method contestant use during the competition is to wiggle around while eating – This is to help the food settle better in their esophagus. So, if you see someone wiggling while downing their dog, you know A) they have a method, and B) they’re really trying to make room. 

Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest Odds

We’ve got all the futures you need to know for Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest via Bovado – Let’s take a look.

Miki Sudo is definitely the favored winner when it comes to the women, and of course, Chestnut is the clear front-runner – But don’t count out any underdogs here (we promise, the puns write themselves). Although he’s since lost, competitive eater Matt Stonie beat out Chestnut in 2015, so you have to consider all contestants’ strengths and history behind a plate.

Total Hot Dogs Eaten by Johnny Chestnut at the Halfway Mark (5 Minutes)

Over 45.5 -160
Under 45.5 +120

Men’s Championship – Total Hot Dogs Eaten by Joey Chestnut in the First Minute

Over 9.5 -250
Under 9.5 +170

 Of course, everyone’s interested in how many hot dogs Chestnut will manage to eat, and if he’ll break his world-record.

Will there be a recount?

Yes +550
No -1000

Women’s Championship – Total Hot Dogs Eaten by Winner

Over 37.5 -125
Under 37.5 -115


Exciting, fast-paced and undoubtedly a little gross, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is a standard summer kick-off – If you want to see who earns their place as the top-dog (I’m sorry), as the winner of the Mustard Belt.


Interested in seeing the outcome of Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest? Tune in on July 4 via ESPN, at 12noon ET.

And a tip – If you’re planning on tuning in and have a hankering for a hot dog, you might want to eat one before you watch.

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