Negreanu gets ripped

KidPoker gets ripped

The wisdom goes that lockdown has made you a hunk, a chunk or a drunk. It seems Daniel Negreanu has used his time away from casinos to get in shape. 

Although usually shy about exposing himself, KidPoker took to Twitter to share the results of an improved diet and workout regime. 

It’s a well kept secret that Negreanu is a vegan and managed to lose over 36lbs on all vegan diet. 

Brawl at King’s Casino

The King’s Casino poker rooms in Prague and Rozvadov were two of the first to reopen after lockdown in all of Europe. 

While they may have been social distancing (though it doesn’t look like it) that doesn’t mean live poker is 100% safe. 

We have no idea what happened but a fight broke out in the middle of the card room on Day 2 of the German Championship of Poker there this week:

[embedded content]

Masks now mandatory in Las Vegas

We all raised an eyebrow at the bullish manner in which Las Vegas poker rooms reopened a month ago, with social distancing rules being loosely followed. 

Since then Nevada has issued that masks be mandatory inside, except for when customers are eating or drinking. 

This comes after a lot of speculation that Las Vegas might be one of the next places in the States to lockdown a second time following a spike in COVID-19 cases. 

Poker news with Papi

Joe Ingram is back in the poker content streets with a new, hopefully regular, poker news show. 

Poker fans might remember he tried a similar format with Doug Polk a few years ago (that this writer really enjoyed) but they didn’t keep up with it. 

He covers all the recent stories in poker, including the aforementioned KidPoker body transformation?

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Did lockdown make you a hunk, a chunk or a drunk? Let us know in the comments:

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