New study identifies the order of symptom appearance in COVID-19

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Can we identify the order of appearance of symptoms for people infected with the novel coronavirus? A study conducted at the University of Southern California may have identified it.

The rates of symptoms’ incidence of more than 55,000 COVID-19 cases was published in the Frontiers in Public Health journal. With the help of the World Health Organization, the journal collected the patient details from February 16 to February 24 in China. Joseph Larsen who led the study says, “The earlier identification of the coronavirus symptoms of patients helps to reduce the hospitalization time. It also helps to provide proper treatment to them on time.”

study proves the symptoms of corona is mainly fever
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As per their study, the order of symptoms is fever, cough, nausea or vomiting, and then diarrhea. The reverse order of these symptoms is also possible. That starts with diarrhea, then nausea, then cough, and finally fever. However, this rarely happens. The study also found that the order of symptoms appear is identical in severe as well as non-severe cases.

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Everyone knows that COVID-19 spreads faster than influenza and also results in cluster outbreaks. Rapid testing and social distancing are the two major factors we need to focus on to overcome this pandemic. Fever is the most common symptom in an elderly person.

Peter Kuhn, a study organizer, says, “The order of appearance of symptoms, plays an important role in identifying the overlapping cycles of flu that coincide with the coronavirus.” It also helps doctors to determine what extra care they need to provide to the patients.

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