Nikita Luther Is The New Spartan Poker Pro

Nikita Luther Is The New Spartan Poker Pro

Playing professionally since 2017, Nikita Luther was introduced to the game back when she was in college. What started off as a simple interest in the game soon turned into a passion. Now, Nikita plays national and international tournaments regularly and is considered one of the best players in the country. 

Her biggest win came back in 2018 where she shipped the WSOP $1,000 NLH Tag Team Event in 2018. In addition, she ranks number one in the GPI India ladies of 2020. 

With over 10 years of experience on national and international tournaments, as well as being the COO of the Poker Sports League, Nikita’s journey has been inspirational to say the least. 

The perfect definition of a ‘Pro’, Nikita Luther has now signed for Spartan Poker as the newest member of their Spartan Pro team! The Spartan Poker website quotes that, “Spartan Poker is honored to have a player with such caliber and skill as a part of our family.”


This could be the beginning of something special for both, Nikita as well as Spartan Poker.

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