On a 100 point scale with a lump sum, how much house would you buy?

Let me preface this with the acknowledgment that, let’s say I won $100 Million cash after all applicable taxes, fees, lawyers, accountants, etc. the prudent side of me would want to invest like $80 Million, live off the interest and occasional sell off’s, use the other $20 Million to put a downpayment on a reasonably priced for my net worth house, which I think would be like $5 Million down on a $20 million property, plus the $3 million or so in taxes and move in costs (furniture, utilities, etc.) and then live off the rest very comfortably while the investments grow and give away like $3.5M tops to friends and family via “small” gifts where I pay the taxes off personally or I pay debts off in their names. Eventually after a couple years of growing the wealth, give away like $10 million to various non-profit/charitable/environmental, etc. causes.

But lets say I didn’t do any of that. Let’s say I just wanted to buy the most house I could afford and use the rest of the money to pay that house off and maintain that house and accompanying lifestyle for about 50 years or so… how much house could I afford in that scenario? I imagine up to $50 million?

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