Online Vs On Land Casino

Millions of people frequent Vegas and other on land casinos each year and the online casinos business is now a billion dollar industry. The question is, which is the better gambling experience between an Online Casino and a land Casino, like Vegas? Can’t the same arguments be made for both? Let’s find out.

At a land Casino in Vegas there are thousands of people buzzing and mingling around. There are bright lights, sexy, scantly dressed girls and free drinks with security goons making sure nothing too crazy happens, if that’s possible in Vegas.

Using an online Casino can offer the same environment. All one has to do is make a quick trip to the liquor store, put on some nice clothes, make a call to a local escort service, turn on some black lights and presto, just like Vegas right? Okay maybe not quite.

So what advantages, if any, does an online casino have over a land casino? A quick poll to some online users revealed some interesting answers.

To begin with, it appears that not everyone is allowed to return to Vegas. Apparently it is possible to get banned from the strip. It’s safe to say to do so, you pretty much starred and acted in your own uncensored version of the Hangover 2. If so, shame on you, but its Vegas and everyone understands how that could happen, shame on you nonetheless.

Next, many people are not physically capable or do not live reasonably close enough to afford to go to an on land casino. The comfort of their own home provides them with the solitude and familiar confines, allowing them to gamble their pensions away in peace… We get that.

There are also those who believe that because of their online gambling experiences, when they do venture out to an on land casino, their familiarity to the games gives them an edge. Not only do they already have a strategy in mind, but they know exactly when they’ve reached the end of their hot streak and when to call it quits with a fat stack, and no freaking rollover requirements, right! Undoubtedly, the free drinks and the sultry waitress busting out of her lingerie get up, probably throw that whole strategy to shit. But the point is well made.

Of course you can’t beat the hit your pocket book takes in comparison to an online casino and an on land casino. Playing at an online casino will cost you only the amount you wager from your credit card, bank account or whatever means you use to fund your account. Anyone who has ever been to Vegas knows the gambling costs can sometimes be only collateral damage when you take into account costs such as food, extra drinks, hotel, and of course…that “one” lap dance.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to an online casino is both the bonus and the ability to play multiple games at different casinos at once. These are some of the most attractive features of online casino play that makes them such a viable source for online entertainment. On land casinos can’t compete with this.

On land casinos generally aren’t known for giving away free money to play with, just ask Charles Barkley.

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