Peace and loneliness on June

Today is Sunday, June 28, tomorrow is Monday I have to go back to work

At this point, I´m not sure about what is going to happen with my future, I´m just wandering around and hoping for my yearnings go come back to me.

Should I take the risk and sign in for an opportunity? What about the current situation? Am I following my dreams or just being careless? I need a second though about that, but there is no one.

Is anybody going to show up on my life and make my existence exciting? someone to be able to cry, whatever the reason is. Am I gonna find love? is somebody going to fall for me and just lost it and love me with all their soul and life?

What is to be loved? someone hearing your thoughts, your breaths, your laugh and your falling tears. Not a forced company, but a sincere and kind one, made by a decision that has been taken out of pure feeling that you don´t even have to ask or beg for.

I´m still day dreaming about this, I´m being patient and trusting that God or destiny will grant me this one. Loneliness is part of myself as my organs are, I´m used to it but I am just tired, are you too?

I love watching beautiful places, experience the sound of the wind, the leaves falling or just the sea and its waves. I could be there watching till the night fall and the sun rise after. Is that the sound of peace? Or just a beating heart, the heart that you want to hear the rest of your days, peace. I´m writing my even though they´re a mess, their dark and light and relieving my mind


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