Pick of the Day – 7/1/20 (Wednesday)

Record: 4-1 Last Pick: Huskies + 9.5 v Mountain airs (w) Sport: Basketball League: Sals NBL (NZ Basketball league) Time: 7:30pm NZT (7 hours from now) Match: Canterbury rams v Manawatu Jets Pick: Rams ML Odds: 1.83

Strong performance yesterday from the Huskies, finally gave a performance up to expectations. Will likely be the last game they are underdogs until they maybe play the rams again later on.

Okay, we go with the most in-form team in the competition so far, the rams lost their first and third pick from the draft due to injury and yet they have looked strong in all three games in the first week and came out 3-0. How did they do it? They picked practically all local guys (using a pre-select feature of the draft), thus they could have extra months of training together before the draft had even become near occurring and it definitely shows on the court they look by far the most organised on defense and even had some plays on offense which was a rarity in the first week for most teams. Their star man at the moment is pg Taylor Britt (plays for the Perth Wildcats in the ANBL) and is definitely carrying that experience from a higher level down to this league, he even nearly got a triple double in their last game just one assist off. Next offensive weapon is Toby Gillooly who has been in and around the rams system for years but finally has a chance with the lower skill level to play a big role, played two strong first games but came off with an ankle issue early in the third game supposedly he has recovered fine and will play. Lastly, they have lots of local young big men who have impressed me so far, fresh out of high school its to be expected that they will be pretty raw and prone to mistakes but these young guys for the most part play to their strengths and rely on Britt getting them good looks and do their role on defense. There is also one unknown in that the rams finally used their last injury replacement player to replace the injured 3rd pick, they picked up a 6-7 young guy don’t think he will feature much but if I am completely honest I don’t know much about him.

On to the Jets, they have battled well in all their games so far, losing two tight ones to the Nuggets and Giants, and then tearing apart the dire first week Huskies. They have two versatile 3/4 men who can do it all and play small roles in the ANBL, main issue is Tom Vodanovich he can be a deadly shooter when he is on and was showcased against the huskies where he had 10 threes. Yet the giants, guarded him with guys with relative inexperience and he wasnt able to have the same impact so hopefully a well drilled rams defense can limit his impact on the game. Jets play relatively small-ball with their tallest in the team being 6-8, so the rams should look to their young big men to have an impact down low. Lastly, jets are coming of a shorter turn around then the Rams so that could play a minor role nearing the end of the game.

Also people ask about totals, and I am not very good with them. I feel they rely more so on stats and things that you can’t easily see with the eye or looking at rosters so much, so they are definitely not a strong point for me and your pick is likely as good as mine on them.

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