Pick of the Day – 7/16/20 (Thursday)

Overall Record 42-18-3 Bank : 100u Profit: +40.0u

Average Value: 1.90 Win Rate: 69.5%

Streak: 1L


Previous Pick: ENCE -1.5 (+123) vs X6TENCE

Todays Pick: Nolpenki ML (+105) vs Prodigy

We Play! Valorant Invitational 8 AM EST

Prodigy recently swapped their three best players to NIP and have to play the invitational with three stand ins. Their match today was rough, lack of teamwork was very apparent. On the other hand Noplenki played great against G2. They are grinders and care alot about this tournament. They won the qualifier and got semis in the last qualifier. Teamwork over raw skill. Lets get it.

3u to win 3.15

This model is for long term profit. Always bet responsibly and use units that will allow you to bounce back from losses. I can’t guarantee I’ll always be right but just know I’m placing bets along with you on everyone POTD I post. BOL to anyone who tails

I post my tips every night around the time the thread is generated. The odds posted are at time my wager is placed, meaning they are subject to immediate change. Get them early or you’ll have to eat juice. Esports lines move very quickly and I don’t suggest betting the line after its moved greatly.

Tip Jar : I put time and effort into all my picks. If I’ve made you money and your feeling generous wallet is below or you can tip me directly on Nitrogensports at User ID: Tips Closed Not required but always appreciated. If interested and don’t use

Been a year and a half but I’m back

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