Playing 2 hands: Play all vs Wonging

Playing around with CVCX, I have noticed that the results in relation to EV and ROR are opposite depending on if I am using a sim of a play-all approach vs when I am using a sim of a wonging approach. When using the wonging sim, playing two hands (at a TC of 5 and higher) increases EV and increases ROR, which, based on my limited knowledge, makes sense. When I am using a play-all sim, playing 2 hands at the same true counts decreases my EV and decreases my risk. Should I be doing something to the rounds per hour setting when I select the play two hands option? What am I missing here?

The sims I am using:

Play-all: No wonging set, strategy is hi-lo using the Sweet 16 and Fab 4 from BJA3, basic strategy that indices are added to is total dependent BS from BJA3.
Wonging: Wong in at TC = 1, out at TC = -1, strategy same as above

The game: 6 deck with 83% pen H17 DAS Sr, 4 Players.`

Bankroll is set to $5000 , spread is 1-12, desired ROR is set to 4% or lower.

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