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If it is not working, all there and good condition. Picture would help on condition

I would say 800


Horizontal Multi (Arcade SD),Mrs Pacman Multi (Arcade SD), Spy Hunter, Atari Football, Super Punch Out (w/ Punch Out switcher), Frenzy (Multi Jork), Bram Stoker’s Dracula Pin, Stargate (Multi Jork), Asteroids Deluxe (multi), Venture, Super Zaxxon/Zaxxon and Dirty Harry Pin .

Gone but not forgotten: Black Widow, San Fransisco Rush, Track and Field, UMK III ( juggernaut), Commando, Golden Tee 97, Big Brave Pinball, Bone Buster Pinball, Gauntlet II, 60-1 cocktail, Space Invaders (Braze), Tempest (Tubes), Star Wars (w/multi), 3 in 1 Teamplay Missile Command/Centipede/Millipede, Tron (free play), Battlezone (Braze), Star Trek ( 5 in 1 multi), Johnny Mnemonic, Star Castle, Crossbow (Exidy 440 multi), Chexx Hockey, Judge Dredd, Space Duel

WTB: Afterburner and Scramble & Getaway 2 Pinball
FS: Atari X and O s football

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