Quarantine home life: 4 fun new card games to play on these hot summer days

These Domino and Backgammon Sets Are What Your Family Game Night Deserves

Whether used as a date night, family night, or over-Zoom activity, board games are bonding opportunities. Sure, someone might freak out and run an arm across all the pieces because that’s how it goes sometimes — but, hey, that’s a memory. Since we’re guessing, much like ours, your board games have certainly seen a lot more action in the past few months of the pandemic, it’s a good time to pick up a new version of a classic game like, say, backgammon or dominoes. Both games are simple to learn but never play out the same way. And the more you play, the better the games become. As luck would have it, innovative design studios from across the world regularly release elegant versions of these two classic board games. More works of art than simple activities, they are perfect for a night in with your partner or a small, socially distanced backyard gathering with friends this summer and beyond. Plus, they’re ideal for connecting with actual humans away from screens, even though they’re almost too handsome to use. Almost.

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